The Wyvern are the distant cousins of Dragons.


As the Wyvern were related to Dragons, Dragonlords were able to command them. (The Eye of the Phoenix)

Upon ariving at the Isle of the Blessed, the knights of Camelot were attacked by two Wyvern. Merlin was able to comand them to leave, but more attacked. Elyan, Sir Leon and Percival held them off, so the other knights could complete their quest. (The Darkest Hour)


Wyvern are similar in appearance to Dragons. However unlike the Dragons, who are very large, the Wyvern are only slightly larger than a Human, Wyvern are also more birdlike and have red eyes. As they didn't breathe fire when fighting Merlin, Arthur and Gwaine, it is likely they don't have that ability. Unlike Dragons, the Wyvern were never shown talking, suggesting they are more animal-like.


Wyvern have been thought to have had the characteristics of dragons and birds, and were thought to be an aggressive predator, attacking anything thought to be a good meal. It's main damage came from it's talons and tail, and they might have some magic with their eyes. In myth, the wyvern couldn't breathe fire.

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