Witchcraft is a type of magic that witches study and use. Scrying is a type of witchcraft, even though it's possible
Merlin301 1179

Morgana and Morgause, witches and priestesses.

that only a witch born with this power is able to use it. Witchcraft is commonly thought to be a feminine magic and it usually includes preparing potions, using amulets, poppets, poultices or other magical artifacts to inflict harm upon members of a community or their property. Another classical aspect of witchcraft is the act of casting spells by pronouncing an incantation (in the show the spells are in Old English). The ritual that Morgana performed to enchant the Phoenix Eye is a good example of a classical witchcraft's spell.

Nimueh practised witchcraft in order to exact revenge on Uther.

Known Practicers of WitchcraftEdit

Witch Status Photo
Morgana Pendragon Deceased
Morgause Deceased
Vivienne (possible) Fate unknown
Jaden Muirden Deceased
Alice Alive

In the kingdom of Camelot, witchcraft, along with using magic and enchantments, is prohibited and, according to the king's laws, every witch, wizard, sorcerer or warlock will be burned at the stake.

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