A witch is a wielder of magic and the female equivalent of a warlock. Like a sorcerer, they have the abilities to cast any type of magic. Most of the witches in "Merlin" are cruel as they seek revenge for past crimes that have been inflicted upon them, like Morgana Pendragon wanting revenge of her father Uther and half-brother Arthur for their hatred toward the very thing she was born with. However some witches are kind and are wrongly accused for their crimes. One example would be Gaius' former fiancée Alice, who was forced to poison Uther on orders given to her by the manticore.

Known WitchesEdit

Witch Status Known For Powers Photo
Morgana Pendragon Deceased
Morgana Pendragon-1
Morgause Deceased

Nimueh Deceased
  • Allowing the barren Queen Ygraine to conceive her and Uther's son Arthur
  • High Priestess of the Old Religion
  • Very powerful witch
  • Former member of Uther's court
Nimueh 01
Alice Alive
  • Gaius' former fiance
  • Powerful witch
Jaden Muirden Deceased


Finna Deceased
Mary Collins Deceased
Mary Collinz