William best known as Will by Merlin was a resident of Ealdor and a childhood friend of Merlin.

He vehemently objects when Arthur arrives in his village and devises a plan to train the villagers to fend off Kanen's brigands. He also argues with Merlin over Merlin's decision of not using his magic to protect the village.

Merlin tries to explain that he needs to protect Arthur, which he could not do if Arthur knew he was a warlock, but Will does not understand. When Merlin defends Arthur's leadership of the villagers, Will leaves Ealdor rather than stay behind and "be slaughtered".

Eventually he returns to defend the village, saving Merlin's life, and is the only clear witness when Merlin invokes a whirlwind to drive off Kanen's raiders. At the battle's end, Will leaps in front of a crossbow bolt, shot by the dying Kanen which was meant to hit Arthur. As he lies dying, he claims credit for the use of magic in order to protect Merlin's secret from the prince. He is laid to rest on a funeral pyre, at which time Merlin backs up his claim to Arthur that Will was the sorcerer and says "he still is" a good friend.


William was reluctant to trust people of royal blood because his father was killed fighting for King Cenred. This distrust caused him to be rude to Arthur Pendragon, mockingly telling him that he was "Prince William of Ealdor" after Arthur revealed his identity. Will initially intended to leave Ealdor, believing that the village didn't stand a chance against Kanen's brigands, but eventually returned to defend his home. Despite his dislike for royalty, Will sacrificed his life to save Arthur's when the dying Kanen fired on him with a crossbow. He even claimed that Arthur would one day become a great King, showing that he had gained some level of respect for the prince.

William was a close friend of Merlin's and was the only person in Ealdor, apart from Hunith, who knew about Merlin's magic. When Merlin first arrived back in Ealdor, Will told him that he didn't want his kind around his home, but quickly proved he was joking by hugging his childhood friend. He was a loyal friend, even sacrificing himself to protect Merlin's secret from Arthur.


Series 1
The Moment of Truth


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