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To reach Camelot, Morgana will have no choice but to cross the White Mountains.
Arthur to the Knights of Camelot[src]

The White Mountains are a mountain range in the kingdom of Camelot. They are located along the Camelot/Essetir border.


Merlin crossed the White Mountains when he left Ealdor to live in Camelot (The Dragon's Call).

When Ealdor was threatened by bandits and Cenred refused to help, Hunith crossed the mountains to appeal to Uther in Camelot. He refused to endanger their accord with Cenred by interfering, but Merlin decided to return home to help defend it. They were also accompanied by Arthur, Morgana, and Gwen (The Moment of Truth).

After Arthur was bitten by the Questing Beast, Kilgharrah advised Merlin to seek help at the Isle of the Blessed, which was located beyond the White Mountains (Le Morte d'Arthur).

When Morgana and Helios conquered Camelot, Merlin and Arthur traveled through the mountains to seek refuge in Ealdor. They were accompanied by smugglers Tristan and Isolde, who were forced to join them after Arthur's presence caused their camp to be attacked by Agravaine's men.

They managed to reach Ealdor without further incident, but Agravaine soon tracked them there and attacked the village, forcing them to flee back into the mountains (The Sword in the Stone).

After Morgana declared war on Camelot, Arthur decided to meet her army at the pass of Camlann in the White Mountains (The Diamond of the Day).


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The Dragon's Call
The Moment of Truth
Le Morte d'Arthur
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The Sword in the Stone
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The Diamond of the Day



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