Also Known As: Lady Vivian
My Lady (by Trickler)
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Family: King Olaf (father)
Unnamed (mother)
Affiliation: Camelot
Arthur Pendragon
Uther Pendragon
Enemies: Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Georgia Moffett
List of Appearances: Sweet Dreams
She may be beautiful, but she's incredibly rude.
Arthur on Vivian[src]
Lady Vivian is the beautiful, but shallow and spoiled daughter of King Olaf, with whom Arthur temporarily falls in love with while under the influence of an enchantment.


Early LifeEdit

Little was revealed about Lady Vivian's early life though she claimed her father once attacked one of her previous lovers with a knife. She was born to King Olaf and his presumed queen, and her father was deeply protective of her.

Visiting CamelotEdit

Lady Vivian opps face

Lady Vivian's "oops" face.

Vivian accompanied her father to the peace talks at Camelot. Spoiled and demanding, she was rude and dismissive towards Arthur and Gwen though she greatly enjoyed Trickler's show. She was central to King Alined's plan to disrupt the peace talks in order to create war and make him rich. Alined ordered Trickler to enchant Arthur, using a lock of Vivian's hair, to fall in love with her, hoping to provoke the overprotective Olaf and end the peace talks. Arthur therefore began lavishing on her compliments and gifts, leaving Gwen confused and hurt.

Trickler initially just enchanted Arthur to fall in "love" with the Lady Vivian, but when she failed to return Arthur's affections voluntarily, Trickler performed a similar spell on her. The next morning Vivian was effervescent, talking excitedly of her one true love, Arthur, and bursting into his room in her nightgown. Olaf was soon told that Vivian was in Arthur's chambers, and Merlin was left to attempt to hide her in a wardrobe. Though they were not discovered on this instance, it did not last long as they met at midnight in Vivian's room, at which point Olaf caught them red handed.

King Olaf therefore challenged Arthur to a duel to the death, and he accepted. Vivian showed no sign of concern for either of them, potentially as a result of the enchantment. With Merlin's help, Arthur was able to free himself from the spell with a kiss from his 'true love', Gwen. However, Vivian could not do the same as she did not yet know the identity of her 'true love' and was therefore still under the spell when she departed from Camelot. Little is known of her later life.


Vivian is an attractive but vain, spoilt, and conceited young woman. She is feisty, talkative, and not afraid to give her opinion, which often makes her seem rude. She initially showed no interest in Arthur and it would have remained that way if not for Trickler's magic. Vivian was uncivil to people of lower status than herself and did not show much courtesy towards anyone she considered beneath her, like she did when Arthur introduced her to Guinevere, saying that she 'feared for Camelot' indicating that she didn't see how Gwen was a good servant.


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