Nothing good ever happens in the Valley of the Fallen Kings
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The Valley of the Fallen Kings is a valley through which runs a river that leads to the Isle of the Blessed. In the entrance to the Valley there are giant stone statues of the ancient kings. People normally don't go there, being afraid of the magical presence in this area. In fact, hidden in the Valley is the Crystal Cave. It's also possible that Morgana's hut lies in the Valley of the Fallen Kings.


Merlin first went through the Valley of the Fallen Kings on his way to the Isle of the Blessed to seek Nimueh's help and save Arthur from dying because he had been bitten by the Questing Beast (Le Morte d'Arthur).

On one occasion Merlin and Arthur were running away from a group of bandits and Arthur was pierced in the back by a poisoned arrow, as a result becoming unconscious. In the Valley Merlin attempted to heal him with magic, but he was unsuccessful. Suddenly Taliesin, a deceased Seer, appeared to Merlin and healed the Prince. He then showed Merlin the Crystal Cave, where the young warlock had a premonition of Morgana killing Uther as well as becoming queen (The Crystal Cave).

Lancelot took the dying Merlin through the Valley of the Fallen Kings after he was touched by a Dorocha to try to make it to Camelot in time for Gaius to heal him (The Darkest Hour: Part Two).
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Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table were passing through the Valley of the Fallen Kings when they were ambushed by mercenaries sent by Agravaine and Morgana. A battle ensued and Merlin was wounded and struck unconscious by a bandit. Arthur and Merlin, after managing to escape the fight, they spent the night hiding from the mercenaries. With the young warlock now more pale and unable to move freely, they continued their journey back to Camelot, but they once again encountered the mercenaries, which Arthur engaged in combat whilst Merlin looked on helplessly. As a fresh wave of mercenaries rushed towards Arthur, Merlin used the last of his strength to block their path by causing a rockfall. This resulted in Merlin's capture (A Servant of Two Masters). Merlin travelled through the valley with Gwaine in The Diamond of the Day: Part One to reach the crystal cave to regain his magic.


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Le Morte d'Arthur
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