Adoption request[edit source]

Hi. I’ve given you admin and bureaucrat rights on this community as you requested. You now have the tools you need to clean up, customize, and maintain the wiki.

Check out your Admin Dashboard, which can be found by clicking "Admin" on the bottom toolbar. It has links to all your new tools. Please let me know if you have any questions, and good luck with the wiki!--Antonio R. Castro (contact me) FandomStaff.png Staff 15:58, May 14, 2019 (UTC)

MediaWiki Info[edit source]

  • United Community Platform: Blog Post (keep informed)

Wiki Issues[edit source]

Hi. User created an article not related to the series Merlin with the aim of promoting the group on Facebook. I warned and deleted the article, but he can try again. Please take a closer look at him.

AlexMacyk (talk) 20:53, September 3, 2020 (UTC)

His contributions to other Wikis seem to be genuine, not advertisements, so I'll just keep an eye on him for now. If he ignores your warning and tries again, I'll move up to blocking him.

Thanks for the help. :)

November Witch (talk) 21:22, September 3, 2020 (UTC)

Button Background[edit source]

Hi, I was wondering if you have considered removing the background that is used for a lot of buttons around the wiki? It makes it extremely hard to see the text on the buttons. Linky1328 (talk/wall) 20:29, 24 October 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I tried to get rid of it with the theme designer but didn't have any luck, so I sent a message about it to the Wiki Manager. Hopefully they'll have some idea how to fix it.

November Witch (talk) 21:27, 25 October 2020 (UTC)

End of the Year Review![edit source]

Hi! Hope you're doing well! As this year comes to a close, Fandom is thinking about how to move forward in 2021, and in order to do that, we would like to reflect back on our work in 2020. That's why I'm reaching out to you because we'd love to hear your opinion about the work that we've done in previous months. We've had a lot of major changes this year, and we would like to continue working in the right direction and find solutions to any problems you may have. Your voice is vital in making that happen.

I would greatly appreciate you filling out this form with your feedback about your experience on the platform this year, so we can get a sense of how we did, how we can improve, and what our focus should be for 2021. This survey will be totally anonymous, so we encourage you to be as honest and constructive as possible.

Also, if you would like to be more involved with what's happening at Fandom, feel free to join our Discord server if you haven't already. This is an active place for users of all communities to come together and interact with various staff members from different departments, either through scheduled AMAs or just general everyday conversation so that we can collect feedback from you about our platform and see how we can work to implement those changes. We'd love to see you there!

Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide us with your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for all of your continued hard work on Fandom, and we wish you the happiest of holidays!

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send those my way and I will be more than happy to help you!

SilverFlight (talk) 19:23, 7 December 2020 (UTC)

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