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Demand (re:) Edit

Since I'm going through every episode to add things or fix the way the page is organized, it happens that when I'm, say, at ep 1x07, I notice that there's something to add that I missed in the previous so I go back to fix it immediately else I forget (as of now I'm at Season 4 and already found things to add in the "see also" links missed in the previous episodes). Since I'm also making all the pages uniform, it can easily happen that I need to go back to pages/episodes that has already been edited half an hour before to fox/changeaa bit. It's irksome, yes (I'm the first one that hates that Wikia doesn't merge the edits in one on tge Wiki Activity if made by the same person in the span of a hour or two) but it's either that or I make an offline list in the hope to ever remember to apply those edits - which I will forget.

Believe me, I would love to save for backup (because of browser crashes) but I don't because for the very reason that made you write me. I did it only for the Behind the Scenes gallery but that was necessary to give some sense (I added the credit to almost all reposted pics taken by fans)

I shall endeavour to keep edits to a minimum but I can't promise anything. I already plan to add all the deleted scenes and locations (as in where they filmed the scenes) but in a second time (I donvt have the scenes at hand ATM), so I shall need to re-edit all episodes at some point. I cannot do all contextually or I would go insane. Hakka84 (talk) 18:15, June 16, 2019 (UTC)

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