I too thought that Fimber would enjoy this post!!! :D

Congratulations, Knightofthecart. Wonderful post and I am looking forward to part 2. While I agree with most of you've said, I still think the Great Purge is unjustified, and always will be, at least to our modern standards. Back in the middle ages life did not hold the value it has today, so it may have seemed as an acceptable way to get rid of magic to various overlords, like Sarrum(even worse than Uther).

It is a fact that magic holds a great power and power corrupts. I too wish we got a better explanation about the difference between the old ways, the old religion, magic in general e.t.c. but we never did. Same for most things about this show. Unfortunately, the biggest flaw of this show is that it completely changed directions and suddenly depicted Uther as an evil big tyrrant rather than a complex character.  Knightofthecart, the only flaw of your post is that it completely ignored Uther in 5x03, but I don't blame you at all, in fact he was kind of out of character in that episode, so I understand your reasons.

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