I agree with everything you've said, Fimber! I've got to say that I don't like how this show handles the character deaths. The only one I think was well executed was Mordred's. Even though I hate how Merlin was looking at him like "you deserve it", I like how Morgana cared for him, buried him and swore revenge for him (even turning to a real sociopath because of his death). Even in front of Arthur,  during her (and his) last moments, all she talked about was how Mordred succeeded in killing him, so that she would believe his death was not in vain.

Anyway, the scene at Mordred's grave reflected something from the reality: during the war, there are no victors or losers. Both sides are left with sorrow over the ones lost. I believe that this was not the writers' intention at all, and they just wanted to justify Morgana turning mad, but annyway, at least I did see this as a hidden message!

Now back to the subject, gotta leave a comment about Lancelot ;)

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