Merry meet, fellow fans of Merlin! I go by Sybil. I am a Transcendentalist, which is a bit like a Universalist and a bit like a Wiccan. I have spent my life in the study of my faith and the powers the Great One, the Father and Mother of All, placed within all of creation, and before I abandoned my duties to go to college, my Circle looked to me as a Priestess-in-training. However, I am still a very modern girl. I am nearly 22 years of age and have recently graduated from college in America. My Circle has welcomed me back, despite my denying my duty to be a Priestess. I will prove that my destiny leads down another path. In school, I double-majored in Theater and English, with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. My focuses were on playwriting and screen-writing, as well acting and costume-design. My interests are varied, as you can most likely tell. One of my favorite courses in school was dedicated exclusively to Arthurian Legends, in which I thoroughly read, studied, and analyzed both the original written legends of Arthur and many modern takes on those same tales. Now, I am studying Criminal Psychology on a graduate school level. From this blog, you can expect my analyses and opinions of aspects of the show based on my varied knowledge. Please enjoy and message me if you so desire!

Blessed be,


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