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Season 1 Episode 1.5 – Altering Destiny

Kilgarrah: In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom has been altered by a great force of good. Now it rests on the shoulders of two young men. Their names? Alatar and Merlin.

Merlin’s POV

As I walk through the lower town in Camelot, I go over the events of the last few days since I arrived.

I saw a man get beheaded for using magic, then accidentally saved Gaius using my own magic. I met Arthur and we really hit it off – literally! After spending some time in the stocks and meeting Guinevere, Lady Morgana’s maid, I met the Great Dragon who is imprisoned under the castle. This dragon told me that it is my destiny to protect Arthur, who will bring magic back to the land. I still haven’t decided if I believe him or not. Anyway, last night I attended a banquet where the executed man’s mother pretended to be a singer so she could kill Arthur. Without really thinking, I secretly used my magic to stop her and save Arthur. I can’t believe the King “rewarded” me by making me Arthur’s servant.

I'm shaken out of my thoughts by a man in a hooded cloak.

Unknown: Excuse me, sir?

Me: Hmm?

Unknown: I need to get an audience with the king. Could you direct me to right person to talk to?

Me: Oh, yes. Of course.

The man takes off his hood. He has dark curly hair similar to my own, peachy skin, and stubble. His eyes are a striking brown that is very dark. He is wearing armour that is unlike anything I have ever seen – it is dark grey, almost black, and extremely shiny. He carries an odd-looking helmet and staff that match his armour. At his sides are an ornate matching sword and a folded up crossbow. On his back is a quiver of arrows and a circular shield. Over it all is a black hooded cloak. He leads a great dark grey stallion with a white star on his head that has gear that matches its master’s.

Man: Thank you, my friend.

Me: I don’t know you, yet you called me friend. Why?

Man: You are willing to help a stranger, and you seem like a nice enough fellow. I hope we can be friends. All it takes is someone to take the first step.

Me: That was really well said.

Man: Thank you! What is your name, friend?

Me: Oh! Right. My name is Merlin, Sire.

Man: Sire?

Me: Well, with armour and weapons like that, you couldn’t possibly be a peasant. I assume you are a nobleman.

Man: I see. You are not far off the mark. I am of noble blood. I come on official business to see the king.

Me: What sort of business?

Man: *mysteriously* You’ll see soon enough!

Me: Well, we have arrived at King Uther’s throne room. Just tell the guards your business and they’ll probably let you in.

Man: Thank you, Merlin! I hope to see you again soon!

Me: You’re welcome, Sire! I hope to see you again soon.

I turn to walk away, but he calls after me.

Man: Merlin!

I look back.

Man: Call me Joshua.

Third Person POV

The doors to the throne room swing open and Joshua walks in, his cloak billowing behind him. King Uther looks up from speaking to Geoffrey of Monmouth and sees him, a confused look forming on his face. A guard comes up, bows, and announces the stranger.

Guard: Your Majesty, may I present to you Lord Joshua Wickerdorn of Narnia.

Joshua: *bows* Your Majesty, it is an honour to meet you.

Uther: You as well. But what is Narnia? I have not heard of such a land.

Geoffrey of Monmouth: Sire, if I may, Narnia is a very ancient land to the northeast. It was in existence for many years before even Camelot was founded. It is very beautiful by all accounts, but I have not heard of it for years.

Joshua: That can easily be explained, my lord. For the last century, Narnia has been under the oppressive rule of a usurper, Jadis the White Witch, who kept Narnia in an eternal winter for one hundred years. But a few years ago, our High King Peter the Magnificent overthrew her tyrannical reign with his sibling’s help and we have finally entered a new age of prosperity.

Uther: That is wonderful news. I sometimes forget that the scourge of magic is being fought in many other lands besides our own. What is your business here?

Joshua: Well, I had originally planned to come here with a delegation to create an alliance between Narnia and Camelot as used to exist in the old days. Unfortunately, before we left, we received a message that our northern borders had been attacked by evil giants and the rest of the delegation stayed to help with the war effort. I was instructed to continue on and work out the treaty.

Uther: Do you need soldiers? I can have Camelot’s army mustered in a day.

Joshua: Thank you for the offer, your majesty, but we have plenty of soldiers and these giants are not the smartest creatures. I expect that this war will only last a few weeks. It would take too long to get an army through the mountains.

Uther: Very well then. I shall be able to see to the treaty soon. I have some important business to attend to today, and we have a tournament the next few days. But after that, I shall be more than happy to sign a treaty with such an honourable people, if the rest of your people are like you that is. Perhaps you would like to compete in the tournament? I see from your gear that you are a knight who takes pride in his skill.

Joshua: Thank you, your majesty, for the offer and the complement. May I think it over? I will give you an answer by tomorrow.

Uther: Of course! I will have a servant conduct you to your quarters.

Arthur walks into the throne room

Uther: Ah! Arthur! Joshua, this is my son Prince Arthur. Arthur, this is Lord Joshua Wickerdorn of Narnia. He is here to discuss a treaty and may compete in the coming tournament.

Joshua and Arthur clasp hands as knights do.

Arthur: It is a pleasure to meet you.

Joshua: Likewise.

Uther: Arthur, could you have your new manservant show Joshua to the guest quarters?

Arthur: Of course, Father.

Joshua: Thank you for the warm welcome, your majesty.

Uther: Of course! Would you like to join my family for dinner tonight? I would like you to meet my ward Morgana.

Joshua: Thank you did the invitation! I would be honoured.

Arthur and Joshua leave the room.

Uther: Arthur! When Joshua is settled in his room, please return. I have some important matters to discuss with you.

Arthur: Of course, Father.

Arthur leaves. Uther sits back in his throne looking thoughtful.

In The Hallways leading to Camelot’s Guest Quarters

After getting Merlin and collecting Joshua’s things from his horse, Arthur, Merlin, and Joshua are making their way to the guest chambers, Merlin carrying Joshua’s bags.

Arthur: Well, Lord Joshua-

Joshua: Please, just call me Joshua.

Arthur: Okay, Joshua. So my father said you are going to compete in the tournament. And from the look of your gear, you seem to be skilled in different weapons. What weapons do you prefer?

Joshua: Well, I haven’t decided on whether I will participate in the tournament or not, but it certainly sounds exciting.

Merlin: *snorts*

Arthur: *glaring at Merlin* Ignore him, he’s an idiot who hasn’t been to a tournament before.

Joshua: *chuckling* Anyway, I prefer to use my staff or my shield. Although, I do like my sword too. It’s actually a special blade.

Joshua pulls his sword out and hands it to Arthur. It has a single-handed blue leather hilt and a thin blade made of a dark metal close to the colour of Josiah’s armour.

Joshua: It was given to me by a great man. It is made of a special metal that glows white whenever dark magic is being used nearby. It is perfect for warding off evil creatures.

Arthur: *examining the sword in awe* Fascinating! Wait- Is it magical itself?

Joshua: No. The metal that it’s made of, mithril, simply reacts to dark magic nearby.

Arthur: What do you mean by “dark magic”? Is not all magic evil?

Joshua: Dark magic is magic used with the intent to harm and destroy. It is used by those who are angry, hateful, and greedy for power and wealth. But not all magic is like that. Light magic is used to protect and defend. Magic is like a dagger. It can be used for great good and great evil. Sadly, those who are good are few and far between. Someone once said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those who have magic are always in danger of that corruption.

Arthur: Hmm. I never thought of it that way. If I were you, I would keep those views to yourself. You didn’t know, but all magic is illegal here in Camelot. I won’t tell my father what you think, but don’t speak of it again if you want to remain here. I would also explain your sword if I were you just in case he thinks it’s magical.

Joshua: Thank you for the advice, your highness.

Arthur: Please, call me Arthur.

Joshua: Well, thank you Arthur. I will be careful.

They arrive at the guest chambers.

Arthur: Well here you are. Merlin will assist you with anything you need. I must go speak with my father.

Joshua: Thank you! I will see you soon at dinner.

Arthur: See you soon.

In the Guest Chambers

Joshua and Merlin are putting Joshua’s things away in the guest chamber.

Joshua: Thank you for your help Merlin.

Merlin: It’s no trouble si- Joshua. You’re actually doing most of the work.

Joshua: Well, it’s the least I could do after you brought all of my stuff up here. How long have you been in Camelot?

Merlin: Not long, actually. I arrived three days ago after leaving my home village, Ealdor.

Joshua: Ealdor, I think I might have passed through there on my journey here. So how did you come to be Arthur’s manservant?

Merlin: Well, that’s an interesting story…

Merlin tells Joshua how that happened, leaving out the part about his magic.

In the throne room

Arthur: I’m back, Father.

Uther: Ah Arthur. How is our guest doing?

Arthur: He’s doing well, I think. Merlin is helping him get settled as we speak. What is it you needed to discuss with me?

Uther: We’re already talking about it.

Arthur nods, understanding his father’s meaning.

Uther: What do you think of him?

Arthur: He seems to be a very noble and good man. I think he and his people would be great allies to Camelot.

Uther: I agree. Especially after hearing how they defeated an evil witch to save their kingdom. Now here is the important matter. How are treaties usually sealed?

Arthur: *confused* By signing a document.

Uther: Yes, but that’s not the only way.

Arthur: *concerned* What are you getting at Father?

Uther: Marriage is the strongest pact two nations can make. I intend to make such a treaty with Narnia.

Arthur: *angrily* You want me to marry one of the Narnian king’s sisters?!

Uther: Heavens no! When you get married, it will be to a princess who is much closer and who doesn’t have any male relatives to pass her throne to.

Arthur: *slightly relieved* Oh. Then what is your plan?

Uther: I think that it is time for Morgana to be betrothed. And if I’m right, this Joshua will be a good match for her. His respect for others and calm demeanor will perhaps cool her down.

Arthur: You do know that if you tell her this right away, she will refuse him? And you don’t want to scare Joshua away. He may already have a betrothed back in Narnia.

Uther: *thoughtfully* That is true. Then we must casually bring up the subject of marriage tonight at dinner.

Arthur: Yes, Father.

In Joshua’s chambers

Joshua: *laughing* How is your becoming Arthur’s servant a reward for saving his life?

Merlin: *laughing* I still have no idea.

They continue laughing for a few minutes as they finish putting Joshua’s things away.

Joshua: Well, again, thank you for all your help, Merlin. I assume I’ll see you tonight?

Merlin: You’re welcome! Actually no, my first full day as Arthur’s servant is tomorrow. So I’m going to go enjoy my last hours of freedom.

Joshua: Well have fun then! But not too much fun, eh Merlin? *grinning*

Merlin: *chuckling* Not much chance of that. I’ll see you tomorrow morning! *he leaves*

Joshua: Bright and early! *under his breath* See you soon . . . Emrys.

Joshua’s POV

I sigh as I take a look around my room. It’s fairly large, with a table, fireplace, and large four poster bed. The cabinets now have my things in them and I have arranged my armour on a stand. Thinking about Arthur’s advice, I put my sword belt back on so I can explain my sword to King Uther. I check my secret pocket watch to see what time it is. 5:00, time to send a message that I have completed the first phase of my mission. I lock the doors and walk over to the full length mirror in the corner of the room.

Me: Master.

My eyes flash blue as I kneel before the mirror. A voice replies as someone materialises behind me in the mirror.

Voice: Hello, young Joshua.

His voice immediately calms me, and I breathe deeply, basking in his warmth. I open my eyes to see the most beautiful creature in all the worlds – the Son of the Emperor over the Sea, the High King over all High Kings, the Great Lion himself, Aslan. I gasp. I wasn’t sure if this method of communication would work.

Me: Aslan!

Aslan: I see you are in Camelot.

Me: Yes. I have completed the first phase of my mission from Peter. *I stand to my feet* King Uther is interested in the treaty, and Arthur and I are getting along well.

Aslan then lowers his voice.

Aslan: And what of the mission I gave you?

Before I had left on the diplomatic mission that Peter sent me on, Aslan gave me a secret mission: to meet and befriend Arthur and someone named Emrys who was Arthur’s servant.

Me: That’s going well. I have told Arthur the truth about magic and he has chosen to not tell his father as you suspected. I have also met Emrys, but he goes by Merlin. Should I not call him Emrys?

Aslan: He does not know about that part of the prophecy yet. So you should not call him that yet.

Me: So what is my full mission? I know I’m supposed to befriend Arthur and find Em- Merlin. But what else is there?

Aslan: Do you remember the story of Merlin in your world? Not the legends, the television series you watched.

Me: Oh gosh, that feels like so long ago. Yes, I do.

Aslan: That is what actually happened. Except in this world, not yours.

My jaw drops as the memories of Colin Morgan, Bradley James, and the other cast members come flooding into my mind.

Aslan: You know how things ended. Your mission is to change that future. In fact, this is the very reason you were brought to Narnia.

I can’t believe this is happening! I knew that everything looked familiar! I’ve been away from home for so long that I nearly forgot about it.

Aslan: I know that you’ve wished for this opportunity for a long time. Don’t be afraid. I have given you everything you need to succeed. I am with you always.

He breathes on me, and I feel His power flowing through me.

Me: *bowing my head* Thank you! I am at your command, Master!

Aslan: Until next time, dear one.

I hear as His voice fades away. When I look up, He’s gone, I stand there for a moment before falling on my bed in shock of what’s happened. I have one shot at this, and I will not fail. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!

Me: I wonder who that can be.

Then, I open the door to see a sight I have wished to see for years. I am enchanted by the vision in front of me – the Lady Morgana Le Fay, Ward of King Uther. She’s even more beautiful in person. I take in her features in an instant: her curly black hair, her soft pale complexion, her bright green-blue eyes, her perfect slender figure. I school my expression to hide my awe at being in her presence. I open the door more to let her in, bowing deeply as I do.

Me: My lady.

Morgana: *curtsies* My lord.

She extends her hand, but as I take it and press a kiss to it, I feel a warmth surge through me like electricity or magic. I gaze in wonder at her wondering if she felt it too.

Morgana’s POV

I had heard servants talking about a guest in the castle all morning. I knew that Camelot is hosting a tournament in the coming days, but it was rare for a competitor to turn up this early. Then finally my maidservant Gwen found out from Merlin that our guest is a lord from the land of Narnia who came to make an alliance with Camelot. Knowing Uther, he will try to seal the alliance by having me marry someone from Narnia, especially if it’s a large country. So, I decided to go meet this lord. While a bit unorthodox, I would rather meet the representative of this nation on my own terms. Besides, it was only proper for me to greet him since I was not present at the court when he arrived. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I definitely was not expecting a young man around my age to answer the door of the guest chambers. He bowed and greeted me with respect when I came in, so I curtsied. But then something strange happened. I extended my hand as is customary, but when we touched and he kissed my hand, I felt this warmth flow through me, almost like lightning in a storm. My eyes widened and now we have stood here for a few minutes just staring at each other. I’m guessing he felt that too.

Josiah’s POV

I come to my senses first. I desperately wanted to make a good impression on Morgana, but I fear all that went out the window with that touch. I let go of her hand, swallow, and silently gesture to the table for her to sit. She nods and sits down, our eyes not leaving each other for a second. I give her a small smile to try to lighten the mood. I wonder what she’s thinking right now.

Morgana’s POV

As I sit, I see the young lord smile at me. It’s warmth is so refreshing. Normally when I meet a new man, his eyes wander over my body with a hungry lustful gaze or he flashes what he thinks is a winsome smirk, as though flaunting his desire of me. But I wonder what that touch was. I can tell that he was just as startled as I was. He speaks up.

Joshua: I suppose I should introduce myself.

He has a soft voice and a delightful accent.

Joshua: I am Joshua Wickerdorn of Narnia, Lord of the Secret Valley and Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion. But please, call me Joshua, I’m not one for titles in informal settings. I presume you are King Uther’s ward Morgana that he spoke of?

Me: Yes.

Joshua: No offense meant my lady, you are always welcome here, but why have you come here? Are you in need of any assistance?

Me: Thank you. No, I don’t need any assistance. I simply wanted to come meet Camelot’s new ally. I’m sorry that I was not present when you arrived.

Joshua: *smiling* That is very good of you. I see that your beauty is matched by your kindness.

I blush at his statement. I can’t tell if he’s flirting or not. If he is, it feels so much better than other flirting I’ve had to endure. I decide to get him back.

Me: I see that your attractiveness is matched by your honour.

He also blushes, so I quickly change the subject before we get uncomfortable.

Me: So, Lord Joshua, you have come to Camelot to make a treaty?

Joshua: Please, just call me Joshua. And yes, Narnia is looking for allies to trade with farther inland and we thought that Camelot would be a good choice for our first attempt.

Me: That is the other thing I have been wondering. Where is Narnia? I have never seen it on any map.

Joshua: Oh! Narnia is about a two weeks ride through the mountains to the northeast, near the sea. *He leans back thinking about his country* It’s a lovely place, Narnia. I say it’s a lovely place, Narnia. The grass is the brightest green; the rivers dance down the landscape; the stones stand steadfast in their places; the forests dance in the breeze; and the people and animals greet you happily every morning.

I gape at him after what he just said.

Joshua: My apologies, my lady, I didn’t mean to startle you! In Narnia, there are many animals that are just as conscious as you and I. There is no magic involved. They simplehave the same capability for reason as humans. I have a good friend who’s a beaver.

Me: It’s quite all right, I was just surprised! We have no such creatures in Camelot. I would love to hear some stories from Narnia.

Joshua: And I would love to tell them, but I think I’ll hold off until dinner when I can tell the King and Arthur too.

Me: *rising* Very well. Speaking of dinner, I must return to my chambers to dress. I assume you will be joining us then?

Joshua: *also rising* I will.

Me: Then I shall see you soon.

Without thinking, I extend my hand again. He takes it and for some reason, I don’t get the same feeling as before. I withdraw my hand perhaps a little to quickly in confusion and walk toward the door. I strangely miss that feeling of warmth.

Joshua: Until then, my lady.

I turn towards him and smile.

Me: Please, call me Morgana.

He smiles back.

Joshua: As you wish.

I shut the door. My heart palpitating as I walk to my chambers. I still wonder what that feeling was, but I doubt that Joshua knows either. I’m barely present as Gwen helps me prepare for dinner tonight. I am still thinking of that touch and what it could mean. But no matter what, Joshua has shown me that there are good men in this world. I am determined now to not let Uther marry me off to some strange man. I will marry for love no matter what.

Joshua’s POV

I’m still reeling from that first touch I had with Morgana, but after trying to remember every detail I know about her from the show, I finally figured it out. It was her magic reacting to me. Perhaps my existence here is throwing off her seer's magic. I’m an anomaly, technically not supposed to be here. But Aslan sent me so I know what I truly am. With that settled in my mind, I leave my room to speak to the king before dinner. I’m going to take Arthur’s advice and explain my sword. Perhaps we can also discuss the most important term of the treaty. I walk through the stone hallways of Camelot, taking in the art, the decorations, and the people. Through the windows I see servants rushing around to finish the day’s work, knights and guards coming on and off duty, and townspeople going to their homes after a busy day of work. I arrive at the throne room. The guards recognize me and immediately bow and open the great wooden doors. Uther is getting up from his throne, probably to head to the dining hall. He smiles as he sees me come in.

Uther: Ah, Joshua! It is good to see you. I trust your quarters are to your liking?

Me: Yes, they are. Thank you, your highness.

Uther: Good.

Me: May I accompany you to the dining hall? I have an important matter to discuss regarding the treaty that cannot wait.

Uther: Of course! What is on your mind?

We walk together to the dining hall, keeping at a steady dignified pace. I’m silent for a moment trying to think of how to discuss this with him and keep my head.

Me: One of the main provisions of the treaty is that I would remain here in Camelot as the ambassador of Narnia, using Camelot as a base of operations from which to build treaties with other nations in this part of the world. Is this acceptable to you?

Uther: I do not see any reason why not. My council and I will be able to direct you to which countries to trade with and which ones to avoid.

Me: Thank you, your majesty! The rest of the treaty should not be much of an issue. But I have another matter to speak with you about. *I stop* I have heard from Arthur that magic is outlawed here in Camelot.

Uther stops abruptly and turns toward me, his eyes narrowed. I swallow as he responds.

Uther: Yes. Is that an issue?

Me: No. Of course not. I simply have to explain something. I have a special sword.

Uther’s gaze somewhat relaxes. I take my sword out and hand it to the king, who stares at it in wonder. I continue.

Me: My sword is made from a very rare metal called mithril. It is as strong as rock yet malleable as silver. It also has a special property. It glows in the presence of dark magic.

This is not completely true, but it's near enough to the truth.

Me: It is not magical itself, but it naturally reacts to evil as though it has a certain wisdom. When we fought the evil witch in Narnia, I was given this sword which, due to this metal, was able to kill the magical creatures in her employ. I have since used the sword to track down evil creatures and destroy them. Such is the strength of mithril.

Uther: That is very intriguing.

Me: I wanted you to be aware so that I am not accused of sorcery when the time comes and it alerts me to a magical threat.

Uther stands still, contemplating my words. He hardens his features and turns to me.

Uther: I am glad that you decided to tell me. You will not be accused of using magic – for now. But if you ever are caught performing magic, I will consider the treaty broken and you will be executed.

Me: That is reasonable, your majesty.

Uther relaxes and we continue walking to the dining hall.

Uther: I would have hated having to kill you because of magic. I am looking forward to getting to know you. Perhaps your sword will be useful in discovering threats before they happen. If you prove yourself in the tournament, I will consider making you a member of my council. You say your sword can destroy magical creatures?

Me: Yes.

Uther: Then I will probably call on you whenever a magical creature attacks, which, sadly, is fairly often.

Me: I will be happy to be of service to my allies.

Uther: Good.

We finally arrive at the dining hall.

Uther: Here we are! I look forward to sharing a meal with you and introducing you to my ward. She is quite the beauty

Uther opens the doors and walls in. I hesitate, wondering how I should act around Morgana and Uther together. Should he know that we have already met? These thoughts swirl in my head as I walk in to the dining hall. Arthur is already present. Uther sits at the head of the table as usual, and I take a seat to Arthur’s left. After a few minutes Morgana and her maidservant Gwen walk in as well. I stand in greeting for the women. Uther and Arthur look confused for a moment then follow suit.

Uther: Morgana! I would like you to meet our guest and soon-to-be new member of the court. Lord Joshua Wickerdorn of Narnia. Joshua, this is my ward, the Lady Morgana.

Morgana: My lord.

Me: My lady. *to everyone* I’m sorry if my actions confused you. In Narnia, it is customary to rise out of respect when a lady enters a room.

Uther: *nods in understanding* That is a good custom. We should adopt it.

Arthur: *grumbling* I’m not standing up for her.

Morgana smirks at him and rolls her eyes.

Uther: *to the servants* You may bring in the food. *to Joshua* So, Joshua, you say that Narnia is far to the northeast. How far would you say it is?

Me: About a two-weeks ride going hard; four, if you go slowly.

Uther: The land must be different there. Why don’t you tell us what Narnia is like?

Me: It’s a beautiful place. Especially now that the eternal winter has ended. After the last few years, you’d never even know it happened. The capital of Narnia, Cair Paravel, is situated at the edge of the sea. It’s the most beautiful castle ever in the most breathtaking place. High up on a cliff overlooking the vast eastern sea. The water is so blue and the sunrises are amazing. There are rolling hills, green forests, and snowy mountains. There are animals without number, and many of them greet you as you pass, in their own special way. It’s as if they speak, they’re so alive. *glances at Morgana* The rivers and pools are the brightest blue and so clear you can see to the bottom. The strong mountains to the south and west mark our borders – Archenland to the south and the wild lands to the west. It’s almost as if there is music in the air. Oh, the stories I could tell, the songs I could sing!

When I finish my soliloquy, everyone jolts as if coming out of a trance. I have learned over time that I have the ability to practically transport people into stories when I tell them.

Morgana: Could you please tell us one of those stories or sing us one of those songs?

Me: Of course! I love to sing. This is a song that I’ve heard since I was young. A few of the words are in an ancient language called Quenya. Some say it’s the language of Heaven itself.

I stand, go to the end of the table, and begin to sing. My mellow baritone voice begins to reverberate through the dining hall.


May it be an evening star

Shines down upon you

May it be when darkness falls

Your heart will be true

You walk a lonely road

Oh, how far you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)

Believe and you will find your way

Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)

A promise lives within you now

May it be the Shadow’s call

Will fly away

May it be you journey on

To light the day

When the night is overcome

You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)

Believe and you will find your way

Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)

A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now

As the song ends, everyone is silent for a moment, awestruck. All of the sudden, everyone, including the servants, start applauding for the song. Slightly embarrassed, I do a small bow and return to my seat. As I sit back down, the servants return to their work and the royals continue their meal.

Uther: You have a remarkable voice! Doesn’t he, Morgana?

Arthur shoots a quick glare at Uther for putting her on the spot.

Morgana: Truly, it is a wonderful gift!

Uther: You must serenade your wife all the time.

Arthur, Morgana, and Gwen all freeze for a moment hearing that. I look around uncomfortably seeing the confused and slightly bothered looks on the others' faces. I was hoping that this would not come up, since I am not ready to talk about this topic just yet.

Me: *quietly* I have no wife.

The others’ faces relax, except Arthur who has caught on to what his father is doing.

Uther: Well surely, a man with your talents should have no trouble finding one.

Me: I suppose not, but I guess I’m just waiting.

Morgana: What for?

Me: For the right partner.

There is quiet for the short duration of the meal. I decide to forego some of the awkwardness by going to bed.

Me: *rising* Thank you for the meal, your majesty. I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to dine with your family. If you don’t mind, I must retire to my chambers. It has been a long day, and I must be well-rested if I’m going to compete in that tournament.

Arthur: So you’ve decided to compete?

Me: Yes.

Arthur: Perhaps we could train together in the morning.

Me: I would enjoy that! I’ll see you then.

Arthur: Good.

I turn and bow my head to Uther, Arthur, and Morgana in turn, who return the gesture.

Me: Good night your majesty, your highness, my lady. I shall see you tomorrow.

Uther: Joshua, since you have no family here with you in Camelot, you may always share your meals with us. I would be happy to have you continue to dine with us from now on.

Me: Thank you, Sire. It is my honour to accept this privilege. Good night.

I leave and return to my quarters. This day has been a big day for sure. I can’t believe I’m really here. I need to try to remember every detail from Merlin that I can do that I can change things for the better. This is just the beginning of the adventure. Kilgarrah was wrong. It is vital for my mission to know destiny. Now, I can alter it – at my Master’s command.