So I just finished watching the Labyrinth , the mini-series with Katie Mcgrath and John hurt, It wasnt too bad of a show , Katie played a very similar role as morgana and boy does she have some daddy issues. I see a common theme here she killed her father in both shows and gets stabbed. The evil smirks are back. lol although i must say i liked her performance as well as tom felton you might betterknow him as draco from harry potter, Phenomenual performance. Overall the show got a little weird don't quite get the whole thing with the books, but any way overall entertaining. Be warned it has adult content , but i think katie is not ashamed and with every reason if you looked like that lol . Anyone else seen it what did you think and those that have if you just want a katie fix this does it justice.

Katie McGrath Labyrinth TV MiniSeries-5
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