Ok, this blog post is another "why did that happen?" post. It concerns Uther Pendragon's actions in two different episodes, two different seasons. The first episode was "Le Morte d'Arthur" and the other one was "The Crystal Cave". In the first one, Uther was clearly devastated about his son's fatal injury. In the Crystal Cave, he had the same reaction when Morgana Pendragon fractured her head by falling. However, why did he suggest the use of magic in Morgana's case, but not in Arthur Pendragon's? Both were on the verge of dying, but he did nothing about Arthur, although he too could be saved by magic. I find it weird because, you know, Uther hated magic with all his heart, but he would easily accept its use to save his bastard child but not his son who would someday rule the country. It isn't only a matter of love after all, but also a matter of politics. Besides, prefering one child over another isn't good either, even though I don't believe he loved Morgana more than Arthur.

Maybe he became softer in those 2 years about that matter?Maybe Morgana's disappearance made him accept magic just a bit more? I cannot find any other satisfying answer. What do you people think?

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