This has to do with some episodes that had me confused and had me wondering about the role that Morgana Pendragon really plays in the creation of Albion.

First of all, in episode 3x05 we all know Merlin accidentally made Morgana fall from the stairs, fracturing her head. This led by a chain of events to Morgana realising who her real father is, thus turning her back on all her friends and trying to kill Arthur and Gwen repeatedly. This also led to Morgana's thirst for revenge rising, thus her magic getting stronger and stronger in order for her to get what was "rightfully" hers.But how did this all begin really? Taliesin showed up and showed Merlin the Crystal Cave. Why did he really do that? He definitely knew that Merlin was going to mistranslate what he saw there and that he was not going to "use what he sees for good". If Merlin hadn't intervened, Morgana would have only turn her hatred towards Uther Pendragon and never try to get her hands on the throne. Except if she is a crucial part of Albion and it was necessary to make her like that.

Also, in The Secret Sharer, Alator didn't kill her when he had the chance, although he knew she was going to get in Merlin's way until she got what she wanted, thus trying to ruin his attempts of building Albion with Arthur.But maybe this can be explained, because Alator was a peaceful individual after all.

Lastly, in The Sword in the Stone, Aithusa healed Morgana. And I can't believe that he was forced by a dragonlord or that he didn't know what he was doing because when Kilgarrah does something he doesn't like he doesn't look happy at all, although the dragon baby looked happy to be able to save Morgana.

So, why do all the magical creatures(except Kilgarrah, who hated Uther for imprisoning him for 20 years and thus also hating Morgana) look like they want Morgana to be "evil" and alive? Maybe so that she can save Arthur in the very end of the series by transporting him to Avalon? Or is she a crucial part of Albion? The dragon said multiple times that Merlin's and Morgana's destinies were joined forever. But is this a bad thing after all? What do you think?

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