Ok, I don't know about you guys, but I was (once again) really disappointed at how Morgana Pendragon was portrayed to be, once on the throne again. In Series 4 her character development had a major improvement compared to series 3. She even looked unsure, sad, honest and conflicted at times. However, in 4x12 all this was ruined! One would have thought she wouldn't repeat th same mistakes and would try to take the people on her side by being good. After all, she detested how Uther used to rule! So why is that, even though she was sad to resurrect a knight she had hardly known (she didn't interact with Lancelot all that much even when she was living in Camelot) she didn't hesitate to burn the crops of the people?

I also want to discuss something that has to do with Series 3. I think that Gwen(and maybe Merlin as well) gave up on Morgana a bit too easily in 3x13. Instead of betraying her and running away, she should have slowly tried to change her mind in being how she used to. They used to be best friends after all!

Feel free to answer me and tell my what you think about her character development!

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