UPDATE: ALVARR'S RETURN CONFIRMATION WAS A HOAX. A BIT OF A PRANK. SORRY! Ok, so most of us probably know that Alvarr (possibly) and Mordred are returning in series 5(although Alvarr only for the first couple of episodes). How do you think they will return? Here is my own version of it.

Morgana, Mordred and Alvarr have been living peacefully for the year(s) that followed after Morgana's overthrowal, or are probably gathering magical army in order to attack Camelot. Morgana has changed after Aithusa's breath and is determined to have magic accepted, even if she cannot have Camelot. Then, in 5x01-5x02 an once in a lifetime chance appears for all magical beings, like the appearance of the cup of life, a dragon sighting, a very strong magical object e.t.c. and the three of them head off to claim it. At the same time, Arthur, Merlin and his knights head off to that location as well in order to capture that item before Morgana gets to it. The two groups get seperated and eventually meet and face off. Morgana meets Merlin and Mordred meets Arthur. The result is Morgana being (almost) killed by Merlin after a confrontation and Alvarr saves her just in the nick of time. However, this results in his own death. Morgana, bitter about his death, once again swears vengeance and the destruction of Camelot and becomes the kingdom's most commited enemy ever, along with Mordred, who once again wants to kill Merlin for all he has done to him. That way, Morgana and Mordred have a reason to remain evil, Alvarr has a reason to appear for only 2 episodes and the whole plot actually makes sense! However the writers will probably think of a better way to present this and I cannot wait to see how.

The biggest question about series 5 is....Mordred is returning, and he will definitely side with Morgana, so...does that mean she will be aware of Merlin's true identity in series 5? Or will he have it remain a secret for his own reasons? If so, it is going to be the best series ever! It will be really exciting to see Morgana againist Emrys and Mordred againist Arthur. It is definitely the most promising series so far! Also, I cannot wait to see if Morgana's relationship remains te same with Mordred, altough he is older now and she is not what she used to be in previous series, in more ways than one. Will she be the puppeteer, the puppet, or will they be equals?

So, how do you think those characters will be involved in the main plot? What do you think about the upcoming series 5?

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