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    The Musketeers

    March 3, 2013 by Merlin artist

    i know it's been a while since i've been around here but it's been half term, i had loads of homework and 10 exams, and i was slightly obsessed with johnny depp and watched nearly all his films, (benny and joon is really good, i'd recommend it)

    anyway, as you may or may not know, the BBC have a new series called The Musketeers, it is a variation of The Three Musketeers, a certain Santiago Cabrera has been cast as Aramis one of the musketeers. Production starts in a month and the series will air next year

    i'll say no more, but loads more information can be found here

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  • Merlin artist

    OK, so I know all this stuff about the finale is dragging on a bit now, but I just wanted to analyse and give a short-ish biography of the lovely Sir Gwaine and how he changed from his first episode until his death.

    In the beginning...

    We first met Gwaine in the episode of the same name from Series 3. Arthur and Merlin were outnumbered in a tavern brawl, Gwaine stepped in to help them. Aside from the hair flicking, showing off and smart jokes about wasting ale, pretty much everyone knew that Gwaine would be around for a while and would be a fan favourite too. His courage and bravery to stand up to Dagr came at a price though, and injured leg and being knocked out on a wooden bench, thus meaning he was taken back to Camelot. Upon learning Art…

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  • Merlin artist

    since gwaine is now dead, i was not happy at all, so instead of revising for exams i have when i go back to school like i should have been doing, i made a tribute video for lovely Sir Gwaine, R.I.P!

    please watch it, enjoy!

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  • Merlin artist

    that video tribute to the show that i was on about, well i finished it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Merlin artist

    i'm sorry i'm announcing the results so late, i was kind of busy, and this is the last quiz as well by the way

    User Points
    Bbcfussel 3
    Merlin&ArthurLuv 3
    MerlinArthur 2
    TomWelling 1
    Merlinloverxxx 1
    Merlin2Emrys 1
    Lurkers 1
    Everyone else 0

    so... we have a tie!!!!!!!!!!

    Bbcfussel and Merlin&ArthurLuv, leave a reply below of what you would like for your prize, within reason of course!

    well done to all other competitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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