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    February 13, 2013 by Emily Windsnap

    Ok, so, here's the thing:

    If Merlin in alive now...and he can take on young or old form....Then that means....that Colin Morgan is actually Merlin!!!  He influenced the minds of the writers/directors using magic to recreate what happened in his past.  He also influenced them to pick just the right actors to play the parts.  In fact, some of them were even offspring of the actual people!  Ah ha ha ha ha ha! 

    Ok, so now that everyone knows I'm crazy I'm just going to clarify that this is just a fun theory....I'm not actually insane....ok, I might be, but that's irrelevant to this particular blogpost...I...yeah.....

    Anyways!  What do ya think?   

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  • Emily Windsnap

    You know, I was thinking the other day about how Gwaine's glowy friend never came back after the first couple of episodes of season 5, which is odd, considering that Morgana had an entire evil layer and everything to search for her.  Morgana was super determined to find this "key" and then, once all of her shirtless men were gone I guess she decided that it wasn't worth her trouble....Where did the Euchdag go?  I thought the show was going somewhere with that whole deal, but I guess not...

    Then there was Sefa.  That's really it.  There was Sefa, and then there wasn't.  There was some random female character that was in a couple of episodes just to be another traitor who wears a cape and runs off into the woods at night, then she was just g…

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  • Emily Windsnap

    No One Had to Die!

    December 28, 2012 by Emily Windsnap

    The title says it.  No one had to die.  The whole last episode of Merlin could have had a happy ending actually.  

    I, as you all probably guessed if you know anything about me, seriously cried when Gwaine died.  It was completely pointless! There was no good reason for his death! Percival could have come a little earlier and the general turnout of everything would have been exactly the same.  Poor Gwaine didn't even get a funeral! All he got was a big muscly guy crying over him...ok, that's pretty amazing but still! My point stands!

    Arthur's death at least made sense, but it was kind of stupid too, I mean, we didn't even see the Sidhe or Freya! Nothing made sense at all! Merlin didn't even try to call the Sidhe and bring Arthur back.  It wou…

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  • Emily Windsnap

    Behold! The Reveal!

    December 13, 2012 by Emily Windsnap

    Ok so, we all know that the reveal of Merlin's magic to Arthur has been going on for too long--so long that I'm actually beginning to think of this theory as a possibility... 

    For some reason or another Merlin's going to be in a position where he has a chance to tell Arthur of his secret, but this time he actually goes through with it: "Arthur..." 

    "Yes Merlin? What is it?" 

    "'s difficult to say" 

    "Spit it out, Merlin." 

    Merlin swallows, then looks at his friend, "I have a...secret."

    Arthur looks up. 

    Merlin: "I should have told you a long time's  kind of hard to--" 

    "Just tell me, Merlin." 

    long awkward silence.... 

    "I have magic," Merlin...I don't know, shows him a flame on his hand or something. 

    Arthur nodding, "I know." 


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  • Emily Windsnap

    Ok, sorry Elyan fans, but here's the truth: I didn't care at all when Elyan died. The whole time I was just thinking, "Oh good! It wasn't Gwaine!!!" I know, I probably sound mean and insensitive but seriously, when that scary pixie lady told Merlin that one of the guys was going to die, my first thought was, "Oh, I hope it's Elyan, so that none of my favourites die!"

    I mean, I never hated Elyan or anything. He was just kind of annoying, and lacking in epicness in comparison to the others. Gwaine is my favourite. His first appearance was amazing, risking his life to save Arthur, who he hardly even knew. He's honorable, loyal, a great warrior, brave, funny, and he has amazing hair! I also love Percival, who's first appearance was when he pushed…

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