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  • Chawk1993

    You're probably all tried of my posts for one day but I just saw Arthur's Bane: Part Two and it was amazing! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Morgana used magic for the first time this season and oh my god when she snapped at Mordred thought she was going to kill him. How he could have kept so calm during the whole outburst is beyond me. Mum and I got a good laugh when Arthur says to Merlin 'I love your optitism' Please excuse my spelling here. I worked out the scene where Morgana tries to get rid of Merlin. It all Morgana's doing! Mordred only watched her do it and the whole time Mordred was with Morgana I was silently freaking out thinking what his game plan was and the last bit of the episode after Arthur knights Mordred, I …

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  • Chawk1993


    October 21, 2012 by Chawk1993

    Most of you by now, have seen my blog about the negativity surrounding the latest episode of the show that went to air in the UK over the last few hours. Now because I threatened to block Afrons everyone is taking it out on me. I said I was sorry. I know people have their opinions like for example Fimber (I'm not picking on you) who only likes Seasons 1-3 I get that, okay? There is no need to pick on me for my opinions. So I am issuing everyone I may have offended by my comments a BIG SINCERE APOLOGY.

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  • Chawk1993

    For God's Sake!

    October 20, 2012 by Chawk1993

    I have spent the last half an hour reading just how much people hated the Uther comback episode and I must say I am utterly apalled with people's behaviour. GET A GRIP WILL YOU?! Now, the episode in question doesn't air in Australia next week as we are a week behind and being a good patient fan of the show, I like to wait until the episode airs and not watch ahead. What I am am trying to say is, Uther ALWAYS put Camelot ahead of Arthur and that is true, like he said on his deathbed in the Wicked Day. I know that there are people hated the Wicked Day as well but I honestly believed it was a fantastic episode as we finally saw Arthur become king. Remember, this time last season people were bitching about just how much they hated Agravaine be…

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  • Chawk1993

    This is my VERY review for Arthur's Bane: Part One. I know, its late because I like to wait to watch it with my family on Sunday nights on 10 which my dad and I dubbed 'Merlin Night'. Anyway, on with the review.

    As much as I loved the episode there was one little thing to do with the CGI that looks really off. Being a film student, I have learned to pick up on the little details of what makes the CGI look real but the scene where Merlin talks to Kilgharrah about Arthur's Bane, just by looking at Kilgharrah, the CGI work looks really dodgy. For any filmmakers or animators on this wiki will probably agree with me that it looked really dodgy. I know the effects for this season are done in-house but they really screwed up on Kilgharrah. This co…

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  • Chawk1993

    Now, it's your Turn!

    October 12, 2012 by Chawk1993

    Hey guys! Now, most of you have probably already seen my blog post on my new Merlin video. Since Merlin Series 5 is due to premiere in Australia this Sunday at 6:30pm on Channel 10, I thought I would propose a challenge to you all. I'm planning on making another Merlin video but I need YOUR help. That's right, YOUR help. I have hand picked five songs from my iPod that I think would be great to turn into music videos for Merlin but I can't be sure on which one to use. In the table poll below is the songs I have chosen:

    Song Points
    Going Under (Evanescence) 3
    Problem (The Monster Remix)(Becky G) 1
    Turn Me On (Nicki Minaj and David Guetta) 1
    Aphrodite (Kylie Minogue) 0
    Behind these Hazel Eyes (Kelly Clarkson) 2

    So head to your iPods or to Youtube an…

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