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  • Chawk1993

    Staying Loyal

    December 19, 2011 by Chawk1993

    I have read blogs where fans of the show we all know and love are no longer watching the show because of the 'ordinary' storylines. That is complete crap! I, myself have watched the show from the very start and I will watch it to the end. The writers of the show are trying their goddamn hardest to come up with storylines. I know that the story isn't close to the original legend that we are all familiar with but if it weren't for the show being 'family friendly' it would have been axed after the first season like the other Arthurian legend based show 'Camelot' was. The writers and the cast have said that the last few episodes of the current series (season) is the best that they have produced so far and they're right. Yes, there have been ep…

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  • Chawk1993

    I was just reading a page on this very wiki that was taken from some sort of interview with the show's creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy and from they have said the show could continue on after the fifth series finishes but it depends on the popularity of the show during this time. I know everyone here at the Merlin wiki want the show to continue on for as long as possible. I suggest we all pull our heads together and get the ratings up for show to continue. There is so much of the legend still left untold 'Merlin style'. I would love to see the quest for the Holy Grail play out with Percival if that ever gets told in the series.

    I think many of you know that there is talks of a Merlin movie which I would like to say is in the very ea…

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  • Chawk1993

    Morgana's family

    October 28, 2011 by Chawk1993

    I have been rewatching the last three seasons of the show and something caught my attention. In the episode 'Sins of the Father' it is mentioned by Morgause that she knew Arthur's mother, Ygraine very well. So it got me thinking: did Morgana know Ygraine at all? It hasn't been mentioned so far if Morgana knew her and it hasn't been denied either.

    I also have been wondering: is Vivienne actually Ygraine's sister as that too is never mentioned. It has also been thought through dialogue between Morgana and Morgause that they aren't actually related however in the same episode (Sins of the Father) there a scene between Gaius and Uther where Gaius says that he smuggled Morgause out of Camelot as a baby and it said that she is the daughter of Gor…

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  • Chawk1993

    There has been speculation that Gwen and Arthur will marry in the coming episodes. This I'm looking forward to. I love this couple and hope wicked Morgana doesn't try to rip them apart again. Does anyone have any information on when this will happen? I would like to see what Gwen will wear in this episode. I hope that its soon seeing as it has been a long time coming.

    I'm from Australia and the 4th series is about to start this weekend on Channel 10 with of course with part one of the season opener. When they do marry, will Gwen become Arthur's queen straightaway or after they marry? Will Elyan walk Gwen down the aisle? I desperately want to know what happens. Will Morgana's vision of her serving girl becoming queen come true? Let's hope th…

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