Hey guys! So I was looking through the new pictures that have been added to the wiki and I couldn't help but notice the pictures added from the upcoming episode 'The Dark Tower'. There's this one picure of Gwen and Elyan at a grave and I've had several thoughts. Could this be the episode that it is rumoured to be Gwaine's final episode or could the grave belong to Tom, Gwen and Elyan's father? If it is Gwaine's grave which I highly doubt, why wouldn't he have been ceremated in Camelot with his sword and cape? Or perhaps it is the grave of Gwen and Elyan's mother. If I'm not mistaken, the episode is the one where Morgana enchants Gwen to assassinate Arthur and the story continues over 4 episodes. So what are your thoughts on the mysterious grave? We know that Merlin and Arthur aren't dead yet so its not their graves and if it was Gwaine, Arthur or Merlin, then the other knights would have been there to farewell their friends and not just Gwen and Elyan. So post your thoughts below. I would love to know your thoughts on this mysterious grave.

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