Well Merlin has officially come to an end.  (Although it started in the US about 3 weeks ago)  Even though I have not watched the last episode I know what happends and there are 2 main things that I am discusted and disappointed with that has happened in the course of this season.


Arthur is dead

How could the writers do this to us.  Kill of one of the primary characters that we love from over the years.  what is wrong with this picture??  Arthur the once and future king of Albian is dead.  He was suppost to defeat Morgana and go back to Camolot with Merlin and Gwen and live happy ever after.  But nooooo the writers decide to kill him off instead and not go into the show for anther season.  Also, no goodbye scene with Arthur and Gwen in his final moments before death?  How wrong is that, only sharing the throne for 3 good years and then he dies without a goodbye.  So sad it breaks my Heart.


The second th
Arthur and Guinevere
ing that has me fuming about this season is the lack of Arwen Romance.  No kissing at all grr.  That is more disappointing than Arthur dying.  Not one kiss between the young lovers at all for the very last season that the world will know of the Merlin show.  The writers should have wrapped up the romance between them better (although I do have to say that the scenes in episode 12 were not that bad) but nothing can compare to the lust and passion they feel with each other all the way back in season 3's Queen of Hearts.  The "Epic Kiss" tops all the arthur gwen moments by far.  And I was so ready for a moment that could top it all off, that it would make the epic kiss uncomparable, how wrong I was.  You dont even get one little peck on the lips.

Although Arthur died and there is a lack of romance I have to admit the Arthur/Merlin bantering and the humor the show brought was one upside to it.  And for that the season made # 4/5 seasons for my rating of the seasons from best to worst.  (Season 3 #1, Season 4 #2, Season 2 #3, Season 5 #4 and Season 1 #5.  I will touch up on those later.)

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