Hey, quick post, nothing major, just a question I had and hoped somebody might have an answer to.

So I've just finished watching Merlin season four (dvd) by borrowing my friend's bluray player when they weren't using it. And while I very much enjoyed  watching it again, delighted to find it was every bit as good as I recalled(overall, that is, with the exception of Herald of a New Age which was somehow even WORSE than I remembered) it being, when I reached the special features on the final dvd (which for some reason are all lumped into the last disc along with part 2 of Sword in the Stone), I found something...odd...

The quailty of the deleted scenes and outtakes was extremely...well...bad... To hear the bloopers I had to put up the volume really really high; ditto the deleted scenes. I thought perhaps there was something the matter with the disc, but there seemed to be no problem with it (after all, the last episode, before it got to the features, played fine), and, when I continued watching the features on my computer so my friend could have their bluray player back, while I still found the outtakes and deleted scenes painfully low quailty, to be sure, the breif bit of the behind the scenes I watched (it doesn't interest me as much as the other stuff, and I didn't have a lot of time, so I sorta just watched like two seconds of it to see how the audio/picture was) seemed fine as well.

Oddly enough, the way low quailty was really didn't seem like a disc failure, I thought perhaps the scenes had been poorly reserved by the company (since they didn't use them in the show), or poorly trasdtioned to dvd (perhaps the actual blurays, which I didn't buy, prefering dvd so I could view it on my laptop, like the other three seasons of my favorite show, has the outtakes/deleted scenes in better quailty, I dunno).

So my question is this: has anyone else on here recently bought (and watched) the same us edition of the dvd set as me, and if so can you please tell me if the outtakes and deleted scenes seemed low quailty to you as well?

Thank you,

Adelina Le Morte March

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