Wagwan piffting23

aka Alexis

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on June 27
  • I am Male

Hello there! I love Merlin! I have been a huge fan of the series for a decade now, and I definitely intend to get into editing here!


Ranking each series:Edit

  • Series 3
  • Series 2
  • Series 4
  • Series 1
  • Series 5

Favourite episodes per series:Edit

Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit

Series 3Edit

Series 4Edit

Series 5Edit


Favourite recurring charactersEdit

Favourite one-off charactersEdit

Favourite shipEdit


I also write on other wikis, most notably Red Dead Wiki, on which I am a Bureaucrat. Outside of Merlin, I mainly enjoy playing video games (with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess being my all-time favourite), as well as tennis, which I enjoy playing as well as watching.

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