Hey there, thanks for stopping by my profile. I discovered Merlin just a couple years ago, actually, when I was messing around on and came across a Merlin story. I liked the characters and general concept, so I took a chance and bought the first season on DVD and it quickly became one of my favorite shows. I didn't even bother to wait until I was through with the first series to buy all the rest. xD

My Merlin Favorites[edit | edit source]


Favorite Protagonist: Merlin, closely followed by Arthur and Gwen

Favorite Antagonist: Morgause

Favorite Knight: Lancelot, closely followed by Gwaine

Favorite Recurring Characters: Freya, Annis, AlatorMithian, and Iseldir


Favorite One-Off Characters: GilliForridelTaliesin, Daegal, and Finna

Favorite Romance: Merlin and Freya

Favorite Magical Creatures: The Questing Beast, Dragons, Unicorns, and Bastets

Favorite Series (in that order): 4 • 2 • 1 • 3 • 5

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Favorite Episodes:

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