Hi Merlin Fans! Welcome to Merlin Wikia and welcome to my profile! Incase you're wondering, no my real name is not Morgana Maniac, it's Amy (NOT GIVING MY S

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Morgana Maniac (talk) 16:13, February 4, 2013 (UTC)IRNAME OUT FOR PERSONAL PROTECTION, I'M SURE YOU'LL UNDERSTAND!). As you can tell from my username, I am MAD about Morgana! Why am I MAD about Morgana? Well, when she's a good girl, she's sweet and cute, but when she's a bad girl, she's a mean keen killing machine! So yeah, she's such an amazing character!

I'm a friendly teenage girl who LOVES her Family and Friends to SHREADS, hates Shopping, is a total Tomboy, and loves her gadgets so much she's leap into a fire to save them anyday (JUST KIDDING!). 

I joined Merlin Wikia, because I am a MAJOR Fan of Merlin! I've seen EVERY episode in EVERY series, and I know ALOT about the characters (mainly by coming on here so often!). I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE ANYMORE NOW THAT MERLIN HAS ENDED!!!!!!!!!

I promise you now, that I will try my very best to make Merlin Wikia a greatly informal site for ALL Merlin Fans, I will add only the TRUTH and NO FANFICTION FLUFF! I too want to improve Merlin Wikia as much as I possibily can, as it is such an AMAZING site to learn and gossip about ALL the Merlin Characters!

Thankyou for reading, and I hope you enjoy Merlin Wikia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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