Hi I'm MorganaEmrys or Zac if you on my page you probably came here by mistake since I'm the most irrelevant user on this wiki but I guess you could be here on purpose so here's some info on me.

Who I AmEdit

Well I'm a 16yr old boy who lives in Sydney, Australia though I was born in Wellington, New Zealand and lived there till I was three. I love living in Sydeny an enjoy laying in the sun, reading in the sun, swimming at the beach in the sun but you know whatever. I have pure black hair and icy blue eyes and pale white skin with black rings under my eyes. I also have a dark personality with makes me seem cold and cruel but I really am a nice guy once you get to know me. BTW I HATE SPORT. I'm also the biggest loser when it comes to love, so ladies... feel free to hit on me because I'm single ready to mingle. ;)

What I likeEdit

I enjoy meny different things reading, writing, watching tv, reading, making teachers I don't like look stupid, hanging with friends, singing, listening to music and just doing whatever the hell I want really. I meanly listen to pop, alternative, dance and remixs, Some of my artist are Glee cast, Bon Jovi, Avril Lavigne, The All American Rejects, David Guetta and many others

Fav Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean series, Jurassic Park 1-3, American Pie series, X-men series, Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games

Fav Books: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Secret Circle, Kane Chronicles, The Hunger Games and many others

Fav Tv Shows: Merlin, Once Upon a Time, Glee, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, The Secret Circle, Primeval, Winx Club, Avatar: The Last Airbender, My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic and my #1 show BONES (sorry Merlin)

Well thats about it for now see you later

My favorite pagesEdit

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