aka Merlin's Modern Apprentice

  • I live in Camelot
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is Drawing the Dark.
  • I am Participating in the Diamond of the Day (mentally).

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Greetings! Welcome to my official magic, thrilling, stunning profile.

Name: Matthew Durrant

- Matthias Le Fay

- Mordred the-way Occult

- VenomOfMordred

Location: Australia

- Camelot

Education: Student

- Master in Merlin Knowledge

Work Setting: Airconditioned + Open

Experience: 2.5 years of blogging experience.

Interests: Online blogging, web design, multi-media, sporting, etc.

Life Values: Acceptance, co-operation, friendship, happiness, trust, wisdom.

Commission and Pursuit (R.A.T.)

I'm one of the team's administrators. The management team here at Merlin Wiki complete a range of different tasks in which we'll sustain the base and maintain the on-going joy of participating within the heart and soul of the BBC television series Merlin. The administrators and bureaucrats develop every aspect of the Wiki to ensure our contributors and supporters share the same attraction to us like they do towards the actual television series Merlin. It's one of our core priorities that the users and anonymous appreciate and idolize every bit of our Wiki and wish to return on a regular basis.

Let's get specific. The various tasks we endure list from; Website design, precise editing, page-build, communication in which evolves of; Twitter, Facebook, etc. Keeping records of non-fictional facts based on Merlin, blocking users which disencourage others and cyber bully, even deny the rules of Wikia and our own Wiki. Prepare specials, new updates, etc. Examine Wiki stats and anaylses, new web coding (for example, HTML, CSS, JAVA, etc.) Hire the right users to participate in this variety. Simple isn't a word I'd use to describe the management here at Merlin Wiki, complicated is.

If you'd like to join the Merlin Wiki team, bring out your inner communication and ask a bureaucrat. We will take the request to high consideration and analyse your stats, effort, grammar and punctuation and the knowledge needed for the (second paragraph) tasks.

For more information on becoming an administrator visit

Expertise and Specialism

As an administrator you must specialise in areas of expectation. This consists of proper grammar and punctuation (literature if possible). Knowledge with source editing as the homepage requires it. At least a Twitter, Facebook, Skype or email account to stay in contact with the team. Co-ooperation skills, the natural state of being kind to others and more. I have passed all the listed requirements above and chosen to work here at Merlin Wiki. "Detail please?" you ask.

I excell in design, grammar and punctuation, literature, characteristics, obeying the rules of Wikia, source editing and coding. I know many more which will come into play time-to-time. The current design of the Wiki was built and planned by both Dryuuu and myself. I apprentice Dryuuu in Wiki design and negotiate on what design should be chosen and maintained for the oath of users.

Highlights / Projects

Using my expertise and specialism I have worked on several projects on the Wiki. Here's a few...

  • Fan Art / Merlin Memes.[1]
  • Merlin Wiki - Facebook Administrator.[2]
  • Over 1,100 edits on Merlin Wiki.
  • Page planning and building.
  • Wiki sub-design.
  • Welcoming.
  • Idea of Series 5 celebration (live broadcast, etc.)
  • High Series 5 contributor.
  • Numerous Wiki negotiations.

Future projects coming soon!

Awards and Accolades

I have won two awards since registering on Merlin Wiki, here's what I won...

  • "Devoted User Award"
  • "Bronze Morgana Award"

The devoted user award was accomplished before I inherited the administration position and lead me into the path of becoming an administrator. It was for posting adequately in the last few months at the time. I was quickly recognised for my efforts and thus like I said I was rewarded. This award is not to get confused with the official Merlin Wiki awards.

The Morgana Award is my latest addition to my virtual trophy case. It symbolises showing the fierce side of yourself and being a "strict" administrator as the users would like to say. I personally don't see myself as a strict person, but the reward reveals the truth. Nonetheless do not fear me. I am really nice once you get to know me properly, just start a conversation on my message wall.

As the annual Merlin Wiki awards just finished last month, you'll have the chance to receive one next year at the next awards online ceremony. Until then, work hard, be generous, and get recognised!


Featured User

This featured award goes to the user who has been personally recognised by myself EmrysOfAlbion.

This week it goes to the one and only...


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Merlin Series 5 Finale Trailer - BBC One Christmas 2012-1

Merlin Series 5 Finale Trailer - BBC One Christmas 2012-1

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The final episodes ever!

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Season Five - Quotes

The prophets speak of Arthur's Bane. You would do well to fear it, for it stalks... like a ghost.
Lochru to Merlin
Even as Camelot's flowers are sown, the seeds of her destruction are being sown.
Lochru to Merlin
I swear I will protect you, or die at your side.
Merlin to Arthur
Good morning my lady, I thought we could play a little game.
Morgana to Gwen
Good allies are hard to find. I'd hate to lose one.
Queen Annis to Arthur
This is the judgement of the God's against you.
Gaius to Arthur


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