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Hey there! I'm a huge fan of Merlin and I've re-watched the first four series of the show like a million times. My favourite episodes so far have to be:

These episodes really stood out to me, they were just great! I especially love all the Arthur and Gwen moments in the episodes, like Arthur and Gwen's reunion in The Sword in the Stone part 1, Gwen's Cornation in part 2, and the many action scenes! I can't wait to see Morgana's attiude towards Gwen now that she's queen, the sh%t is really going to hit the fan!

My views on the show

I am a massive Arthur/Gwen shipper. I love how Bradley and Angel portrayed the forbidden romance of their characters and I personally believe that they acted it out so well. I also love Colin Morgan's portrayal of Merlin. He is hysterical in almost every episode and it's almost hard to believe that he will one day become Arthur's most trusted advisory. I would like to one day direct or star in an episode of the show even if I have to travel halfway around the world to get to Britain and France.
Katie McGrath's portrayal of Arthur's half-sister Morgana (better known as Morgan Le Fay in the Arthurian Legend) is totally mind-blowing. My mother and I use to love Morgana but now we hate her because she always wants to kill Arthur. I love Gwaine while mum loves Lancelot. I also believe that Gwen and Elyan should have more interaction in Series 5. They have only had that main interaction when they were reunited in the cell together in The Castle of Fyrien, other than that it's only been very vague. Please, writers of Merlin if you're reading this, make Gwen and Elyan have more scenes together and please reveal what happened to their mother and while you're at it, Morgana's mother, Vivienne, as well.
{| class="wikitable collapsible article-table" style="width:620px;"|-! colspan="6" |My role on this Wiki
  • As an admin with bureaucrat power on this Wiki I take the role very seriously...
  • I like to create pages that nobody cares to add I also love to add information (from the show) that nobody cares to add themselves. I also enjoy adding slideshow galleries on pages where it is very bare. The more pages the more this wiki grows. I also love creating things in Photoshop and I've posted a few things on the Fan Art page- if you can't be bothered to go there scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll see my creation of Merlin art. It's not real big at the moment but it will get bigger.
  • I am also the one responsible for making the title pages like Queen and Lady more appealing, by adding elements like tables and I must say that I am proud of myself for all I have achieved on these pages and I hope I can achieve much more as this wiki continues to grow with the airing of the fifth series.
  • I am also one of the users that helped wardrobe pages take off. You can view them here.


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I also write Fanfiction and have several single stories up and a multi-chapter story up set in the Merlin universe so to speak. Here's a list of my stories for Merlin:

  • Ever Ever After- Arthur/Gwen (Multi-chapter)(In-Progress)
  • Old Merlin- Merlin/Gwen (One-shot)(completed)
  • The Husband and the Best Friend- Merlin/Gwen (One-shot)(completed)
  • The People's Queen- Gwen (One-shot)(completed)
  • No More Hiding- Arthur (One-shot)(completed)

The link to my fanfiction. net profile is at the top of this page, but here it is again. |}

{| class="wikitable collapsible article-table" style="width:620px;"|-! colspan="6" |Arthurian Bookshelf

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Like many of you, I'm a fan of the Arthurian legend and I have a shelf dedicated to the legend that I have come to love because of my love for the Merlin television series. So whenever I get a new book that is in the Arthurian genre I'll add it to my shelf and I'll keep a photo to show the shelf's progress.

The first shelf is now complete and a second shelf is amost ready, I'm just waiting on the books to arrive as I have ordered them online. I will be reorganising the shelves once I get the entire book shelf full so all the Arthur books with go on one shelf, the Guinevere books on another and so on. As you can see from the first shelf, I will be taking photos of the shelves as they continue to grow and they will be replaced everytime a book is added to the mix. The amount of books per shelf will depend on the thickness of the book so the more books I can get onto a shelf the better.

The bookshelf will grow as time goes on so stay tuned to my profile and you'll watch it grow! The titles of the book aren't exactly easy to read from the photo, so I have:

Shelf One

Revamped Shelf One!

  • King Arthur: Dragon Child (read)
  • King Arthur: Warrior of the West (read)
  • King Arthur: The Bloody Cup
  • Le Morte d'Arthur Vol 1
  • Le Morte d'Arthur Vol 2
  • Avalon High
  • Goddess of Legend
  • Merlin: Valiant
  • King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table
  • Lady of Avalon
Shelf Two

Shelf Two Completed

  • Prophecy: Clash of Kings
  • Guinevere's Gift (read)
  • Guinevere's Gamble
  • Queen of Camelot
  • Guenevere, Queen of the Summer Country
  • Knight of the Sacred Lake
  • Child of the Holy Grail
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (read)
  • The Mists of Avalon
  • Camelot's Blood

Shelf three and more coming in the future... |}

Favourite Moments

  • "Hello Gwaine!" LOL factor!
  • "A day off," The look on Merlin's face is so funny!
  • *Almost cries* Cannot wait for season 5!
  • Tree hugger Arthur!
  • This is certainly worth crying over!
  • God I hate that Crown!
  • I love what Elyan says "I'm the future brother-in-law so automatic entry! Of course!""
  • I love this picture. Arthur's crown looks better on him here even though I still hate it
  • I love Angel's new dress and the head decoration is amazing! Who's the maid?
  • Aw! Bradley and Alexander! They must be good friends. Shame that they have to die. :(
  • Another one of Gwen's dresses. Looks like Gwen has something to hide.
  • Lovin' the new poster. I was surprised that they didn't add Mordred to the poster.
  • Katie looks evil!
  • I can't wait much longer!

Fan Art

Like all of you who may visit my page every now and then you will have seen that a fan art page has been set up for anyone who has found or has done fan art for the show and I thought a might as well join them.

I have done a few that you might like but I have to warn you they are not at all great but, of course, fan art will be fan art so I decided to add them to the page and also decided to add them to my profile page as well. I will add new ones when I get the chance to make new ones. Oh, and the cover for my Merlin fanfic, Ever Ever After- I haven't added to the fan art page because it's not really fan art.

  • I created this for my blog pages on Blogger and I thought I would share it with everyone here.
  • I created this while expirimenting with the new brushes that I downloaded for Photoshop.
  • I got bored waiting for my lecture to start so I made this.
  • This was my first attempt at creating fanart for Merlin. It's the worst thing I have ever made.
  • This was really easy to make but really fun too. It had 'water colour' written all over it!
  • This is a re edit of my earlier cover art. All that's different is the font.

I will also post up on here any Merlin related videos that I make with the video and editing software that I have at my disposal.


Here are my videos that I made:

Merlin Tribute Arthur Gwen Breath of Life

Merlin Tribute Arthur Gwen Breath of Life

Arthur & Guinevere- Breath of Life

Merlin Tribute Arthur Gwen Rescue Me (How the Story Ends)

Merlin Tribute Arthur Gwen Rescue Me (How the Story Ends)

Arthur & Guinevere- Rescue Me (How the Story Ends)


I am I huge fan of music and I have a small selection of music related to the Arthurian Legend:

  • Merlin Series 1 Soundtrack
  • Merlin Series 2 Soundtrack
  • King Arthur Film Soundtrack
  • Fata Morgana by Imperia on the Album 'Queen of light'
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