Hi <insert name here>, I am Broman178 and Merlin (especially the first three seasons) for most of my teen years has been one of my favourite TV programmes, although my opinions about Series 4  are rather mixed while Series 5 was a total disappointment for me because of the way the show ended. I mainly edit here as a hobby, to make improvements to some pages if its necessary, and to express my opinions about this show, although I left the Wiki after 2013 due to running out of ideas on what to edit here, being busy with my personal life and boycotting the show temporarily due to my disappointment with Series 5 (especially the final two episodes). After watching the show again in 2020 (making me realise how much I loved it when I was younger), I decided to return to this Wiki after 7 years because I feel there may be some changes that could still be made in this Wiki although I may not edit as regularly now as earlier.

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