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  • I live in Britain
  • My occupation is full time kid
  • I am Female

Captain Cai

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About MeEdit

Hello there. Not sure how you ended up on my page; most probably because I reverted one of your edits and you're now extraordinarily cross with me and want to give me a piece of your mind. Never mind, I hope you won't hold it against me. I'm picky about what goes into the pages I keep a beady eye on and once I like the way it is, you may have a hard time convincing me it needs to be changed again.

I don't like it when...

  • People add images to pages and cause paragraph breaks in irritating places
  • People add too many huge pictures too close together on a page
  • People don't spellcheck before editing
  • People add irrelevant quotes to pages
  • People add biased work to pages
  • People get overly protective of their ships and hate on others for not liking them

If you did one of those things and I reverted it, now you know why. :)

I make no bones about disliking Arthur/Gwen as a couple, but that does not mean I do not like them as characters.

Although I don't like Gwen. So I guess it does mean that. Kinda. Still, it's just I don't think the writers have done particularly convincing jobs with either of the female leads. Gwen is too good, Morgana is too evil. It should never be so black-and-white. Whatever happened to shades of grey? I have hope for the future of the show, though, even if I'm not enthusiastic about Queen Gwen at all. It's never sat well with me, even in other Arthurian retellings.

I hope for Morgana's redemption

It's gotta happen. C'mon. She's the hero really. She'll save Arthur in the end. ;)

My favorite pagesEdit

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