Andrew H is a very powerful warlock and a High Priest.

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Magical Abilities Edit

He is exceptionally powerful and skilled at magic. His magical abilities go far beyond that of normal sorcerers. His magic developed at birth with absolutely no training. He is able to learn magic at an incredibly fast rate, learning in less than one year enough to take out numerous opponents with many more decades of learning than him. He is able to instinctively slow down an object's movement and moving objects via Telekinesis. These abilities require no spells. His powers have greatly increased in less than a year where he can use blasts of telekinetic energy to push enemies away with an incantation or non-verbally. The power of his blasts is capable of incapacitating,wounding or even killing enemies without having to hit them in a wall or some other surface, just through direct damage caused by the kinetic power of his spell. His telekinesis can also have a wide range like a wave. He is able to teleport himself anywhere he wants. Unlike other sorcerers, this spell usually manifests in the form of black smoke rather than a whirlwind. He even became a High Priest at a young age, proving just how powerful and skilled at magic he really is.

He can also use telepathy to contact other people with magical abilities, as well as learn magic through telepathy. He could sense powerful magic and people with magic as he was able to sense other sorcerers around him such as Merlin.

He has even mastered the power of life and death. He is able to create a life or kill someone. He has even been shown to be able to create a life without a life being taken as a balance, or at least be able to choose whose life is taken. He has been shown to have a great aptitude for elemental spells, especially Air and Fire. He was able to manipulate air to create a whirlwind, strong gusts and gales of wind, and devastating tornadoes. He can also manipulate fire to create fireballs, pillars of fire, and waves of fire. He also shows the ability to use powerful forms of magic instinctively when his emotions are heightened, and perform spells correctly either non verbally or without proper preparation, something few sorcerers are capable of.

He is a powerful, talented Seer and is even able to have visions when he is awake. His visions range from everyday stuff to important, life and death events. He has shown to have an affinity with Scrying, and is able to spy on anyone he wants and see faraway places with his Scrying Fount or Crystal.

He is skilled with defensive magic, being able to create a shield strong enough to protect himself from powerful magical attacks. He is also able to deflect a magical attack.

He is skilled in magical combat as he defended himself from other people with magic and even killed people with magic.

Extreme Magical Resilience Edit

He also possesses considerable natural magical resilience and is able to survive numerous magical attacks.

Immortality Edit

As confirmed by Balinor, creatures born with magic, like Merlin and Morgana Pendragon cannot die, unless they are stabbed through the heart by a sword forged in a dragon's breath. It is the only magical weapon that can permanently kill them.

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