Morgana, she summoned an army of the dead. They're everywhere.
Merlin to Gaius[src]
The Undead Skeletons were created as an army of the dead during the Battle for Camelot.


Using the Rowan Staff, carved from the Rowan Tree on the Isle of the Blessed and given to her by Morgause, Morgana was able to bring the dead of Camelot back to life and use them to fight the Knights of Camelot as they fought the armies of Cenred in the Great Battle for Camelot. Morgana was ensured by Morgause that the staff's power would guide her. After Merlin destroyed the staff, the undead skeletons were reduced to inert piles of bones. However, Morgana took credit for defeating them (The Tears of Uther Pendragon).


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