Tyr Seward was the stable boy who tended to the horses of the Knights of Camelot and King Arthur.


Early LifeEdit

He had been stable boy since he was very young and Arthur had known him for a long time.

Framed and MurderedEdit

He was threatened by Guinevere Pendragon, whom he had discovered sabotaging the king's saddle, and placed in jail after Sir Leon discovered evidence of the sabotage in Tyr's quarters in his mother's house. He kept Guinevere's secret hidden because he was protecting his mother from harm. Merlin tried persuading him to reveal his innocence, but he remained stubborn. However, he was killed by Gwen when she believed that he would undoubtedly reveal her to be a traitor of Camelot and a possible killer of the King (A Lesson in Vengeance).


Tyr is a very honourable man, proud of his job as stable hand to the King. He swears that he will never make an attempt on Arthur's life. He is also seen to be very close towards his mother as he was willing to give his own life to save hers when Gwen threatened him with the death of his mother. He was shown to be quite frightened of revealing Gwen as the traitor within Camelot. He has shown to be very caring towards the horses he takes care of. When one of the horses got a cold, Tyr spent the night in the stables just to look after it.

Appearances Edit

Series 5
A Lesson in Vengeance



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