They prefer to lurk in the darkness of their nests, feasting on rotten filth.
Gaius to Merlin[src]
The Troll version of Catrina was a troll who attempted to take over Camelot and gain a lot of gold and riches by marrying Uther Pendragon as she magically impersonated Lady Catrina. She was later killed by Arthur Pendragon with the help of his servant, Merlin.


Catrina, with the help of her servant Jonas, created a potion which allowed her to take on the appearance of the Lady Catrina. She later bluffed her way into the palace using the seal of the House of Tregor. She placed a love charm on Uther and he quickly began bending to her every word. When Merlin began to suspect her, she ordered Jonas to trap him before her marriage to Uther, which went on without a hitch.

Upon realising that Merlin had escaped, Catrina claimed he'd stolen her seal, prompting Uther to order his death. She also made Uther enforce a new tax on the people to satisfy her greed, much to Arthur's dismay. When Arthur released a man who didn't pay the tax, she used this to have Uther believe his son was too weak to rule and have him make her the heir to the throne. However, during her ceremony her troll form began to emerge due to Merlin switching her real potion for a fake. As she tried to escape, she transformed completely, much to the shock of everyone except Uther, who didn't notice any change. This proved to be a blessing in disguise to Catrina, since she now no longer needed to look and behave as a human woman since Uther would not allow his men to attack or insult her, even though their concerns were obviously justified.

However, her plan ultimately failed when Gaius and Merlin staged Arthur's death, to bring Uther to tears of true remorse. Although she tried to prevent him from crying, Uther ultimately tearfully regretted his son's 'death'. These tears broke the enchantment as he saw Catrina for what she truly was. Despite all attempts to prevent Arthur from drinking the antidote, he recovered from his state of living death and stabbed her resulting in one gassy death.


Series 2

Beauty and the Beast: Part One
Beauty and the Beast: Part Two


Troll uther

A troll with its meal

Along with her disgusting behavior, she seemed to reject edible food by chucking it away, create a mucky mess from fruit by her revolting breath in turn for consuming tonnage of manure, hence her preference to the stable accommodation than a royal quarters.

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