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KILGHARRAH In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name: Merlin.

-- [EXT. KING’S PALACE, MAIN SQUARE – NIGHT] [People run through the square screaming, surrounded by burning rubble. Arthur and his knights run past with crossbows.]

ARTHUR  I know you're tired, but make one last effort for me! Every shot must count! 


GWEN  I don't think people can suffer a third night of this. 

GAIUS  We must trust in Arthur.

GWEN  I do. But even he has little chance.

-- [EXT. KING’S PALACE, BATTLEMENTS – NIGHT] [Merlin walks with Arthur.]

MERLIN  I'm sorry you're having to do this.

ARTHUR  Why? You're not to blame. 

[The dragon approaches.]

ARTHUR  Flame up! 

[The knights light their arrows and take aim.]

ARTHUR  Stay strong! For tonight is not your night to die, I will make sure of that! Hold firm! Hold! Hold! Now!

[The knights shoot arrows. dragon flames the battlements and they all duck.]



GWEN  We've no clean water left.

GAIUS  I know, but it's too dangerous to go out there. 

[Gwen heads for the door anyway.]

GAIUS  Gwen! Don't!

-- [EXT. KING’S PALACE, MAIN SQUARE – NIGHT] [Gwen takes a bucket to the well in the Square, stepping over the rubble while everyone else flees. dragon flies overhead. she begins to draw from the well. Arthur enters the Square, watching the dragon circle above.]

ARTHUR  Clear the square!

[Arthur notices Gwen drawing from the well.]

ARTHUR  Gwen?! 

[Arthur looks up at the dragon as it starts to turn for an attack.]

ARTHUR  Guinevere!

[Gwen turns and sees her peril. She runs, Arthur runs to help her. Dragon swoops and catches Arthur, causing both of them to fall. Arthur grabs Gwen's hand and they run for cover. Merlin jogs out into the square.]

MERLIN  Fluge! Gár! 

[Merlin throws a magical spear at dragon. it glances off.]

KILGHARRAH  Do not imagine that your petty magic can harm me!

[The dragon flies off.]

MERLIN  Why are you doing this?! You're killing innocent people!

-- [INT. KING’S PALACE, INFIRMARY – NIGHT] [Gwen treats Arthur's shoulder/chest wound in the infirmary.] 


You shouldn't've risked your life.

ARTHUR  I wasn't going to let anything happen to you.

[Gwen reaches to put the towel down, but Arthur catches her hand and presses it against his chest, covering it with his hand. She smiles. Gaius notices and smiles at the pair. Merlin approaches him.]

GAIUS  Are you hurt?

MERLIN  There's nothing I can do. My magic is no good. It doesn't work.

GAIUS  Dragons aren't monsters. They're creatures of wonder and magic. You must realise that they're immune to your powers.

-- [INT. KING’S PALACE, WAR ROOM – DAY] [Arthur, Uther, knights, and advisors meet.]

ARTHUR  The dead number 49 men, 27 women, a further 18 women and children are unaccounted for. Most of last night's fires are now out. The castle walls, in particular, the western section are near to collapse, I could go on.

UTHER  Do we have any further idea on how the beast escaped?

SIR LEON  I regret to say, Sire, we don't. 

UTHER  There must be some way to rid ourselves of this aberration. Gaius?

GAIUS  We need a dragonlord, Sire.

UTHER  You know very well that's not an option.

GAIUS Sire, what if...there was, indeed, one last dragonlord left.

UTHER  That's not possible

GAIUS  But if there was.

UTHER  What are you saying?

GAIUS  It may just be rumour.

UTHER  Go on.

GAIUS  I'm not exactly sure, but I think his name is Balinor.

UTHER  Balinor?

ARTHUR  Where does he live?

GAIUS  He was last seen in Cenred's kingdom in the border town of [place name: Enged.], but that was many years ago.

ARTHUR  If this man still exists, then it is our duty to find him.

UTHER  Our treaty with Cenred no longer holds. We are at war. If they discovered you beyond our border, they would kill you.

ARTHUR  I will go alone.


ARTHUR  That way I will not be detected.

UTHER  No, Arthur. It is too dangerous.

ARTHUR  More dangerous than staying here? I'll not stand by and watch my men die when I have the chance to save them.

UTHER  I have given you my orders.

ARTHUR  Do not make this a test of wills, Father.

UTHER  I'm not talking to you as a father, I'm talking to you as a king!

ARTHUR  I will ride immediately.

UTHER  My concern is for you.

ARTHUR  Mine is for Camelot. I'll send word when I've found him. [to Merlin.] Prepare the horses.

[Merlin bows to Uther and follows Arthur out.] 


[INT. KING’S PALACE, PHYSICIAN'S CHAMBERS – DAY] [Merlin packs for their journey.]

MERLIN  Who were the dragonlords? Gaius? 

[Merlin pulls Gaius out of his contemplative pacing.]

GAIUS  There were once men who could talk to the dragons, tame them.

MERLIN  What happened to them?

GAIUS  Uther believed that the art of the dragonlord was too close to magic. So he had them all rounded up and slaughtered.

MERLIN  But one survived. How did you know?

GAIUS  I helped him escape.

MERLIN  Gaius. 

GAIUS  Merlin, you've never heard the name Balinor?


GAIUS  Your mother never mentioned him?

MERLIN  My mother?

GAIUS  She took him in.

MERLIN  She stood up against Uther?


MERLIN  She was brave.

GAIUS  Yes. When Uther discovered where Balinor was, he sent knights to Ealdor to hunt him down. He was forced to flee.

MERLIN  Why didn't my mother tell me any of this?

GAIUS  Merlin, I promised her I would never speak of these things.

MERLIN  Of what?

GAIUS  I've always treated you as my son, but that is not what you are. The man you are going to look for is your father.

MERLIN  My father? 


MERLIN  He was a dragonlord? Why did no one ever tell me?!

GAIUS  I wanted to. Your mother feared it would be too dangerous.

MERLIN  I had a right to know!

GAIUS  She wanted to protect you.

MERLIN  No. I had a right to know. 


[EXT. KING’S PALACE, MAIN SQUARE – DAY] [Gaius approaches Merlin in the Square as Merlin prepares his horse.]

GAIUS  You got everything you need? 

MERLIN (nods)  I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

GAIUS  I know that.

ARTHUR  Come on, Merlin.

MERLIN  You're ready?

ARTHUR  No thanks to you.

[Arthur cringes from his wound.]

MERLIN  You okay?

ARTHUR  It's just a scratch.

[Arthur trots off.]

GAIUS  Merlin, whatever happens, you must not let Arthur know who this man is. Uther would view the son of a dragonlord with the deepest suspicion.

-- [EXT. FOREST – DAY] [Merlin and Arthur ride through the woods and pause at the top of a hill overlooking a village.]

ARTHUR  This is it. One more step and We're in Cenred's kingdom. This Balinor better be worth it.

-- [INT. TAVERN INN – NIGHT] [Arthur and Merlin arrive in the village at night in the pouring rain. they enter a tavern and everyone stops to stare at them.] 

ARTHUR  Greetings!

[A man pulls a knife out of a table.]

-- [INT. TAVERN INN – NIGHT] [Arthur and Merlin sit at a table and the innkeeper slops their drinks all over the table.]

ARTHUR  We're looking for a man named Balinor. I'm willing to pay...

[Arthur slaps a bag of coins in front of the innkeeper.]

ARTHUR  ...handsomely.

[The innkeeper nods and leans in.]

INNKEEPER  Never heard of him.

[The innkeeper only takes the few coins Arthur already had on the end of the table.]

MERLIN  You think one of these men is Balinor?

ARTHUR  I hope not.

MERLIN  So do I. 

-- [INT. TAVERN INN, GUEST CHAMBER – NIGHT] [Arthur and Merlin getting ready for bed.]

ARTHUR  What is wrong with you today?


ARTHUR It pains me to admit it, but I do enjoy your surly retorts. In fact, it's probably your only redeemable feature.

MERLIN  Thanks.

ARTHUR  There are loads of servants who can serve. So few are capable of making a complete prat of themselves. What is it?

MERLIN  Nothing.

ARTHUR  It's something. Tell me. Alright, I know I'm a prince, so we can't be friends. But if I wasn't a prince...


ARTHUR  Well, then...I think we'd probably get on.


ARTHUR  So at least can you tell me?

MERLIN  Well, that's true. But you see, if you weren't a prince, I'd tell you to mind your own damn business.

ARTHUR  Merlin. Are you missing Gaius.

MERLIN  Something like that.

ARTHUR  Well, what is it, then?

[Arthur throws a pillow at Merlin.]

MERLIN  I'll tell you. I'm worried about everyone back in Camelot. I hope they're alright.

ARTHUR  So do I.

-- [EXT. KING'S PALACE, MAIN SQUARE - NIGHT] [Leon heads the knights against the dragon back in Camelot.]

SIR LEON  Hold! Hold! Hold! Now! 

[They shoot at the Great Dragon. The dragon blows fire. The knights hunch down and overlap their shields against the flames. Uther watches from his chambers.]

-- [INT. TAVERN INN, GUEST CHAMBER – NIGHT] [Someone sneaks into the room and reaches for Arthur's bag. Arthur grabs the man's hand and throws him onto Merlin's bed at knifepoint. Merlin wakes.]

MERLIN  What's going on?

ARTHUR  Do you know what the punishment is for theft?

ASGERD  No, please. I've got children to feed.

ARTHUR  Tell me where to find Balinor.

ASGERD  Balinor?

ARTHUR  What do you know of him?

ASGERD  Nothing. I...

ARTHUR  Do you value your life?

ASGERD  It's been many years since I saw him!

ARTHUR  You know where he lives?

ASGERD  You must travel through the Forest of [place name: Marendred.] to the foot of [place name: Feyora.] Mountain. There you will find the cave where Balinor dwells. 

[Arthur releases Asgerd.]

ASGERD  But don't get your hopes up.


ASGERD  He will not welcome you. Balinor hates everyone and everything. A cave's the best place for him. 


[EXT. FOREST - DAY] [Merlin and Arthur walking their horses through the woods, Arthur stumbling a bit. Merlin notices.]

ARTHUR  It's all right. 

MERLIN  No, it's the wound. Let me have a look.

[A branch snaps as Merlin's looking at Arthur's wounded shoulder.]

MERLIN (whisper) Get down! Get down!

[Merlin pulls him down to hide behind a fallen tree. Cenred's men pass by.]

MERLIN (whisper) Arthur? (shakes him) Arthur?

[Arthur has passed out.]

-- [EXT/INT. BALINOR'S CAVE - DAY] [Arthur is slung over his horse as Merlin guides them to Balinor's cave. Merlin leaves Arthur for a bit as he enters Balinor's cave.] 

MERLIN  Hello?!

[Balinor grabs him from behind.]

BALINOR  What do you want here, boy?

[Balinor lets him go and Merlin stares at his father.]

MERLIN  My friend, he's sick! He needs help!

BALINOR  Show me, boy.

[Merlin keeps staring.]

BALINOR  What are you waiting for? Fetch him!

-- [INT. BALINOR'S CAVE - NIGHT] [Balinor treats Arthur's wound.]

BALINOR  Ahlúttre þá séocnes. Þurh- hæle bræd. He needs rest.

MERLIN  Will he be alright?

BALINOR  By morning.

MERLIN  Thank you.

-- [INT. BALINOR'S CAVE - NIGHT] [Merlin and Balinor eating dinner.]

MERLIN  Looks good. How long have you lived here?

BALINOR  A few winters.

MERLIN  Must be hard.

BALINOR  Why are you here?

MERLIN  Just travelling. We're looking for someone. I was told, well...they said that he lived somewhere hereabouts. A man named Balinor. You never heard of him? He was a dragonlord. 

BALINOR  He's passed on.

MERLIN  You knew him?

BALINOR  Who are you?!

MERLIN  I'm...Merlin.

BALINOR  And him?

[Balinor points at Arthur.]

MERLIN  He's my master.

BALINOR  His name!

MERLIN  His name is Lancelot. He's a knight. You know, a nice one.

BALINOR His name is Arthur Pendragon. He is Uther's son.


BALINOR  This is Cenred's kingdom. He's asking for trouble. What do you want from me?

MERLIN  Are you Balinor? The Great Dragon is attacking Camelot.

BALINOR  His name is Kilgharrah.

MERLIN  Well, we can't stop him. Only you, a dragonlord, can.

BALINOR  He doesn't act blindly. He kills for a reason. Vengeance. This is of Uther's making.

MERLIN  But he's killing innocent people. Women and children.

BALINOR  Uther pursued me! He hunted me like an animal!

MERLIN  I know.

BALINOR  What do you know about anybody's life, boy?! Uther asked me to use my power to bring the last dragon to Camelot. He said he wanted to make peace with it, but he did not! He lied to me! He betrayed me! You want me to protect this man?

MERLIN  I want you to protect Camelot.

BALINOR  He killed every one of my kind! I alone escaped!

MERLIN  Where did you go?

BALINOR  There's a place called Ealdor.


BALINOR  I had a life there. A woman. A good woman. Ealdor is beyond Uther's realm, but still he pursued me. Why would he not let me be? What was it that I had done that he wanted to destroy the life I built, abandon the woman I loved? He sent knights to kill me. I was forced to come here, to this! So, I understand how Kilgharrah feels. He's lost every one of his kind, every one of his kin. You want to know how that feels? Look around, boy. Let Uther die. Let Camelot fall.

MERLIN  You want everyone in Camelot to die?

BALINOR  Why should I care? 

MERLIN  What if one of them was your son?

BALINOR  I don't have a son.

MERLIN  And if I told you...

ARTHUR  Merlin. Merlin. (cough)

-- [EXT. BALINOR'S CAVE - DAY] [Merlin watches his father by the mouth of the cave. Arthur comes out of the cave.]

ARTHUR  I feel great! What the hell did you give me?

MERLIN  It was all down to Balinor.

ARTHUR  So we found him, then? Thank heaven for that.

MERLIN  That doesn't mean he's willing to help. 


MERLIN  You won't persuade him.

ARTHUR  Does he know what's at stake? 

[Merlin nods.]

ARTHUR  What kind of man is he?

MERLIN  I don't know. I thought he'd be something more. 


[EXT. LOWER TOWN/KING'S PALACE, BATTLEMENTS - DAY] [People of Camelot carry buckets of water through the lower town to put out the fires from the night before. Gwen gazes across Camelot from the battlements with tear-stained cheeks. Gaius joins her.]

GAIUS You missing Morgana? She's stronger than people think. I believe that, wherever she is, she'll be alright.

GWEN  And Arthur?

GAIUS  You care a lot for him, don't you?

GWEN  Everyone does.

GAIUS  I think he cares the same way about you. It's alright, I won't tell anyone.

GWEN  I know we can never be.

GAIUS  Oh...the world's a strange place, Guinevere. Never underestimate the power of love. I've seen it change many things.

-- [EXT. BALINOR'S CAVE - DAY] [Arthur walks back to Merlin after talking to Balinor.]

MERLIN  What did he say? 

ARTHUR  He'll change his mind.

MERLIN  He said that?

ARTHUR  Just...give him a moment.

BALINOR  Farewell, then.

ARTHUR  That's your decision?

BALINOR  I will not help Uther. 

ARTHUR  Then the people of Camelot are damned.

BALINOR  So be it.

ARTHUR  Have you no conscience?!

BALINOR  You should ask that question of your father!

MERLIN  And you are no better than him!

ARTHUR  Don't waste your time, Merlin!

MERLIN  Gaius spoke of the nobility of dragonlords! Clearly he was wrong!



BALINOR  A good man. 

MERLIN  Yeah. I was hoping you'd be like him.

ARTHUR  Merlin!

MERLIN  I wanted to...

ARTHUR  Merlin!

MERLIN  Well, there's no point.

-- [EXT. FOREST - DAY] [Arthur and Merlin ride off, then set up camp in the woods.]

ARTHUR  I always thought that silence would be a blessing with you, but I find it just as irritating. You're a riddle, Merlin.

MERLIN  A riddle?

ARTHUR  Yes. But I've got to quite like you. 


ARTHUR  Now I realise you're not as big a fool as you look.

MERLIN Yeah, I feel the same. Now that I realise you're not as arrogant as you sound.

ARTHUR  You still think I'm arrogant?

MERLIN  No. More...supercilious.

ARTHUR  That's a big word, Merlin. You sure you know what it means?

MERLIN  Condescending.

ARTHUR  Very good.

MERLIN  Patronising. 

ARTHUR  It doesn't quite mean that.

MERLIN  No, these are other things you are.

ARTHUR  Hang on!

MERLIN  Over bearing.

[Arthur hears a twig snap and picks up his sword.]


MERLIN  Very overbearing.

ARTHUR  Merlin! 

MERLIN  But you wanted me to talk.

[Merlin hears another twig snap. Merlin picks up a sword and follows Arthur. They hear trees move behind them and turn around.]

BALINOR  Careful, boy. I thought you might need some help. This is dangerous country.

ARTHUR  And will you return to Camelot with us?

BALINOR  You were right, Merlin. There are some in Camelot who risked their lives for me. I owe a debt that must be repaid. 

ARTHUR  If you succeed in killing the dragon, you will not go unrewarded.

BALINOR (scoff)  I seek no reward. 

ARTHUR  Great! Let's eat. 


[EXT. FOREST - DAY] [Merlin and Balinor collect firewood.]

MERLIN  This wood's too wet.

BALINOR  Don't worry. I'm sure we'll find a way to make it light.

MERLIN  When you healed Arthur, I heard you mumble some words.

BALINOR  An ancient prayer.

MERLIN  I thought it might've been more than that.

BALINOR  The Old Religion can teach us many things.

MERLIN  The Old Religion. Is that something you were taught?

BALINOR  It's not something you can learn. Either it's a part of you, or it isn't. My father knew that, and his father before him.

MERLIN  Were they also dragonlords?

BALINOR  We'll need some kindling.

MERLIN You mentioned...You spoke of Ealdor. You took refuge with a woman.

BALINOR  That was a long time ago.

MERLIN  I grew up there. 

BALINOR  Ealdor?

MERLIN  Yes. I know the woman.

BALINOR  Hunith? She's still alive?

MERLIN  Yes. She's my mother.

BALINOR  Then she married. That's good.

MERLIN  She never married. I'm your son.

BALINOR  I don't know what it is to have a son.

MERLIN  Or I a father. 

[Merlin hears something snap and sees Arthur walking close by.]

MERLIN  You must not tell Arthur.

[Balinor hands Merlin some firewood and they smile at one another.]

-- [EXT. FOREST, CAMP - NIGHT] [Arthur sleeps as Merlin and Balinor sit by the campfire. Balinor whittles some wood.]

MERLIN  Why did you never return?

BALINOR  I thought her life would be better without me.


BALINOR  Uther wanted me dead. If he'd found me, he'd have killed me, and your mother. I wanted her to be safe.

MERLIN  We could've come with you.

BALINOR  What kind of life would you have had here?

MERLIN  We'd have been...happy. When we've finished in Camelot, I will take you to Ealdor.

BALINOR  She won't recognise me. I see her in you.


BALINOR  You have her kindness.

MERLIN  How did you become a dragonlord?

BALINOR  You don't choose to become a dragonlord. It's not something you're taught. It's a sacred gift. For thousands of years it's been handed down from father to son. And that is what you must now become, Merlin.

MERLIN  I would like that.

BALINOR  And like all dragonlords, you won't know for sure that you have that power until you face your first dragon. You should get some sleep. We've a big day ahead of us. Goodnight, Son.

MERLIN  Sleep well, Father.

-- [EXT. FOREST, CAMP - DAY] [Merlin wakes and sees mini-dragon that his father whittled for him. he smiles. Arthur grabs him from behind, covering his mouth.]

ARTHUR (whisper) Cenred's men.

[Arthur draws his sword. Cenred's men attack. Merlin tosses his father a sword and takes on his own opponent. Merlin gets disarmed. Balinor rushes to his aid.]


[Balinor is run through. Merlin catches his father.]


[Merlin's eyes glow and he throws the guard who just stabbed his father. Merlin lowers his dad to the ground and holds him.]

BALINOR  Ah, I see you have your father's talent. Merlin... 

MERLIN  Please, no. Please. I can save you.

BALINOR  Listen to me. When you face the dragon, remember: be strong. A dragon's heart is on its right side, not its left.

MERLIN  I can't do it alone.

BALINOR  Listen to me! Oh, my son. I've seen enough in you to know that you will make me proud.

[Balinor dies.]

MERLIN  No. Father. (cries) No.

[Arthur shows up, sees Balinor, and throws his sword down.]


[Merlin wipes his eyes and stands up to face Arthur.]

ARTHUR   Camelot is doomed. 


[INT. KING'S PALACE, WAR ROOM - DAY] [Merlin and Arthur ride back to Camelot in the rain. look outs spot them and rush to tell the King. the King and his advisors stand as Arthur and Merlin enter the War Room.]

ARTHUR  I'm sorry, Father. I failed you. The last dragonlord is dead.

[Gaius looks at Merlin who tries not to cry. Gaius lowers his head.]

UTHER  There are many years where I might've wished for that news.

ARTHUR  All is not lost, Father. We have to fight the monster ourselves. So let us ride out and fight on our own terms: on open ground, on horseback, where we can manoeuvre better. 

UTHER  There is no point.

ARTHUR  So what? We stand here, watch Camelot fall.

UTHER (nods) You have my blessing.

ARTHUR  I need a dozen knights! Those who do not wish to fight can do so without stain on their character. For those brave enough to volunteer should know, the chances of returning are slim. 

[Sir Leon's the first to step forward. twelve other knights step forward and form a circle around Arthur.]

-- [INT. KING'S PALACE, MERLIN'S CHAMBER - DAY] [Merlin sits on his bed and cries over the dragon figurine his father made for him. Gaius enters.]

GAIUS  Merlin, what happened?

MERLIN I couldn't save him.

GAIUS  Merlin. 

MERLIN  He said the dragonlord's gift is passed from father to son.

GAIUS That is true.

MERLIN  When I faced the Great Dragon, my magic was useless.

GAIUS  Your father wasn't dead. It's only then you can inherit his powers. 

MERLIN  Do you think I'm strong enough to stand up to him?

GAIUS  Only time will tell.

[Arthur's Chambers. Merlin helps Arthur put on his armour.]

ARTHUR  Well, look on the bright side, Merlin. Chances are you're not going to have to clean this again.

MERLIN  You must be careful today. Do not force the battle.

ARTHUR  Yes, Sire!

MERLIN  I'm serious.

ARTHUR  I can hear that.

MERLIN  Let matters take their course.

ARTHUR  Merlin, if I die, please...


ARTHUR  The dragonlord today...I saw you. One thing I tell all my young knights: no man is worth your tears.

MERLIN  Yeah. You're certainly not.

[Arthur picks up a sword and Merlin does too.]

ARTHUR  What are you doing?

MERLIN  I'm coming with you.

ARTHUR  Merlin, the chances are I'm going to die. 

MERLIN  Yeah. Yeah, you probably would if I wasn't there.

ARTHUR (scoff) Right.

MERLIN  Do you know how many times I've had to save your royal backside?

ARTHUR  Well at least you got your sense of humour back.

[Arthur swipes Merlin's sword out of the way and heads toward the door. Merlin follows. Arthur stops.]

ARTHUR  Are you really going to face this dragon with me?

MERLIN  I'm not going to sit here and watch. I know it's hard for you to understand how I feel, but...well, I care a hell of a lot about that armour, I'm not going to let you mess it up. 

[They laugh. Arthur gives Merlin a friendly hit and they exit. Gaius watches from the battlements as the dragon slayer party rides out of Camelot.]



[The dragon slayer party waits for Kilgharrah. The dragon arrives..]

ARTHUR  Hold firm.

[Kilgharrah swoops down.]

ARTHUR  Hold! Hold! Hold! Now! 

[The knights circle their horses in formation to surround Kilgharrah. Kilgharrah knocks Merlin, Arthur and some other knights off of their horses with his tail. Kilgharrah roasts some other knights.]

MERLIN  No. Stop!

[Kilgharrah turns toward Merlin and Arthur. Arthur picks up a spear. Kilgharrah contemplates Arthur for a moment and then tries to flambé him. Arthur rolls out of the way and stabs Kilgharrah in the side. Kilgharrah roars and knocks Arthur out. Merlin gets up.]

BALINOR (voiceover) You're the last dragonlord now. You alone carry the ancient gift. Deep within yourself, you must find the voice that you and Kilgharrah share, for your soul and his are brothers. When you speak to him as kin, he must obey your will.

MERLIN  Dracan! Nán dyd ǽlc áciere miss! Eftsíðas eom ála cræt! Géate' stǽr ábære gárrǽs! Géate cyre. Mé tácen átende diegollice. Car grise áþes. 

[Kilgharrah settles back and bows to Merlin. Merlin picks up the spear.]

KILGHARRAH  I am the last of my kind, Merlin. Whatever wrongs I have done, do not make me responsible for the death of my noble breed.

[Merlin thrusts the spear into the air and Kilgharrah winces.]

MERLIN  Go! Leave! If you ever attack Camelot again, I will kill you!

[Kilgharrah bows. Merlin drops the spear.]

MERLIN I have shown you mercy! Now you must do the same to others!

KILGHARRAH  Young warlock, what you have shown is what you will be. I will not forget your clemency. I'm sure our paths will cross again.

[Kilgharrah flies off. Arthur wakes.]

ARTHUR  What happened?

MERLIN  You dealt him a mortal blow.

ARTHUR  He's gone?

MERLIN  Yeah. You did it.

ARTHUR  Ha! Ha! Ha! *insane laughter*

MERLIN (laughs) You did it.

[Arthur and Merlin head for the drawbridge. Uther sees them from his window, sighs in relief and leaves. Gwen and Gaius come to meet them. Gwen runs to Arthur and hugs him.]

GWEN (whisper) I thought I'd lost you.

[Gaius and Merlin hug.]

GAIUS  My boy.

[Arthur and Gwen leave.]

MERLIN  I felt him there with me, Gaius.

GAIUS  He'll always be with you.

MERLIN  I hope so.

GAIUS  Merlin, I know I can never compare with your father, but for what it's worth, you've still got me.

MERLIN  Well, I suppose I'll just have to make due.

GAIUS (laughs)

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