The Tomb of Ashkanar is a mausoleum, where the last Dragon Egg was located.

The tomb was named after Ashkanar who hid the Dragon egg inside the tomb so that it would be hidden and safe for years.

A rune covered Triskelion is required to access the location, as it leading the bearer to it. The item was divided in three pieces, the first was possessed by a group of Druids, another of the pieces was hidden in the vault of Camelot for 400 years, the third part brought Julius Borden to Camelot, asking Gaius for help getting the hidden piece.

Gaius refused to help, but Merlin watched them talking and helped Borden to locate the tomb but was betrayed by him, as Borden intended to use the egg for power. Merlin defeated him and took the dragon egg from its podium. The tomb then started to collapse and Merlin managed to escape with the egg before the tomb fell (Aithusa).
Dragon egg on pedestal

The Dragon Egg kept in the Tomb of Ashkanar

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