• Hello members,

    since contributers regularly insert subjective opinions about Merlin and Arthur's friendship or Merlin's personality which are not canon, I have protected the Merlin page so that only moderators and administrators can change it.

    If you have something to contribute to the Merlin page, please ask one of the active admins, which are ReganX, Merlinarthur and myself.

    Thank you.

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    • Hey, thanks for this post- can I just ask, is that referring to the comments section or just to the main page

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    • Hello Gleek, it's only referring to contributions to the page itself, meaning changes on the information. The pages are supposed to be as objective as possible. Only what is canon (what clear information the show gave to us, not what we ourselves think the show meant) is allowed to be on the pages.

      For example:

      Arthur and Merlin were friends = canon (the show presented that to us, no matter what the viewers think of it)

      Arthur and Merlin were in love with each other = fanon (some fans think that it was true love between the two of them, yet the show never really referred to it)

      Gaius smuggled Morgause out of Camelot due to unknown reasons = canon (we don't know - and never will - why Gaius smuggled her out, it was never ever clarified)

      Gaius smuggled her out of Camelot because Uther would have killed her due to her magic = fanon (some fans think that Morgause was born when Uther hated magic already, yet Morgause was probably born long before when Uther had no problem with magic yet, long before Igraine died at the hands of magic)

      The comments section however is free for all kind of interpretation/subjective thoughts (as long as it isn't offensive)

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    • Ah ok, yeah that makes sense haha- I don't think Arthur and Merlin were in love anyway :P

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    • I think that we may need a rule page to clarify what may and may not be included in articles.

      I've seen fanon creeping into articles, like Gaius being Hunith's sister/Merlin's uncle. To the best of my knowledge, this was only ever a comment in an interview, not something that was ever stated on the show so it is not canon and has no place in an article, except as a piece of trivia.

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    • I think a rule page would be helpful. I have never thought of Gaius as being Hunith's sister. It was never mentioned in the series and I think that something as important as that would've been brought up at some point over the course of five seasons.

      Anyway, yes, I've seen fanon appear in some of the articles too, the Merlin one being the most problematic, so I think it's good that this has been mentioned.

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    • I started drafting some rules for editing articles a while back. What do people think? Anything that needs to be amended or anything that needs to be added?


      When editing a Wiki article about a character, episode, event, etc, all posters should keep the following rules in mind.

      1) Article content must be based on fact, not opinion. All content should be based on canon, not a poster's view of the situation. As examples of this:

      A) Arthur was King of Camelot = Fact
      Arthur was a great King = Opinion

      B) Morgana was Arthur's half-sister = Fact
      Morgana was older/younger than Arthur = Opinion

      C) Arthur knighted Lancelot, Gwaine, Elyan and Percival in The Coming of Arthur, Part 2 = Fact
      Arthur should have knighted Merlin = Opinion

      2) Please take care not to mix up canon and fanon. In the case of Merlin, canon is what was shown or stated in an episode of the series. Fanon is the term used for ideas that, while they may be influential and widely accepted by fan communities, they are not established in canon.

      A) Gaius was Merlin's guardian = Canon
      Gaius was Merlin's uncle = Fanon

      B) Guinevere served as Morgana's maid for years = Canon
      Guinevere was Morgana's maid/playmate/companion since she came to Camelot = Fanon

      C) Guinevere's brother, Elyan, was knighted = Canon
      Guinevere became Lady Guinevere when her brother was knighted = Fanon

      3) Wiki articles should maintain a neutral point of view. Most, if not all fans have characters they like more or less than others but this should not be allowed to influence Wiki content. Posters should not detail a character's positive actions at length while removing references to negative actions, or vice versa.

      4) Information gleaned from interviews, magazine articles, etc, should not be confused with canon information. However, such sources may be quoted and linked to in the Trivia section of an article.

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    • I think that is a great list. I can't seem to think of anything else to add at the moment but if I do, I'll let you know. I think #3 is the most important regarding the neutrality.

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    • Good idea guys! It's important that we stick to the facts as expressed by the show. After all the comment section and blog posts can be used as mediums to discuss any fan theories! 

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    • Great list, ReganX! You perfectly stated out what is important. Very clear and informative.

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    • Well, I guess Gaius may be Hunith's brother, not his sister, LOL.

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    • HER sister LOL

      You see, it's all so confusing. Never mind, happened to me too, a while ago :-D I called Uther Morgana's sister instead of her father...

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    • HAHA! Morgana's sister! :p 

      I think the whole Hunith's brother confusion started from an interview with Richard Wilson right? Yeah I don't think it was ever intended to be the case because if it was I feel the show would've made it quite clear. 

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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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