• Please, we want another season of Merlin. I am sure the writers have imagination to continue with the TV serie. The end of Merlin keept opened and didn´t show some predictions. We want to see the reaction of Arthur about the secret of Merlin (not only 5 minutos before the end), the return of Arthur to Camelot. Please, listen and read our comments, is still good time to continue with the story and with the original cast.

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    • We really need another series it ended to quickly. If the writers took the time to meet up and discuss a new series for merlin it would be great. Please bring the series back and with the same actors. PLEASE PLEASE read our comments. If you do meet up and you are stuck, go on you tube and type in merlin series series 6 fanmade it would help you out alot

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    • It's simple. Or not. They killed Arthur and would need to resurrect him on the drawing boardor he needs to "rise again" within the story. Then they can begin.

      1. The Case of Doing Right Where So Much Wrong Has Been Done: Letting magic be a normal part of Camelot

      2. The Development of Arthur and his reign

      3. Loads of detour episodes where evil sorcerers and witches wreak havoc in Camelot and Merlin/Arthur need to fight and such.

      4. The Death of Gaius. He is terribly old and his story needs to meet its end, sadly.

      It will never happen. That is my prediction.

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    • I wish they can make a season 6 of Merlin

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    • Svp cela fait 3 ans que je rêve de cette saison 6!!!

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    • Argh.. I want a season more badly. Or just a movie. Anything. Just.. Dont let it end like this. They cant just break our hearts with that ending and leave. We need to see more Arthur & Merlin while he knows they have magic. We need to see when they'll need arthur the most, What merlin thinks of everything that happend, and how his story ends. They cant end it like this..

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    • This is a great TV series for any ages. Looking forward to seeing season 6 and more..

      There are lot of viewers all over the world including Canada. And this TV show can definitely make more money too...

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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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