• Where does the Triskelion Symbol originate? Does it take back even before the Greek or Hellinistic Civilization? Its origin seems lost in the mist of time...

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    • "The triskele or triskelion belongs to both Buddhist and Celtic traditions, and appears in various forms in many artworks and carvings. It is comprised of one shape repeated THREE times to produce a WHEEL- like pattern. 

      Traditionally the triskele can appear as three teardrops, three FISHES, three interlocking SPIRALS or three LEGS that gives it it's Greek meaning (as in the symbols for both the Isle of Man and Sicily). There is also an intriguing version called the Three Hares Triskelion, which again features both Buddhist and Celtic belief. The HARE triskelion in particular is the source source of much conjecture. Given that the hare is a nocturnal animal and a lunar symbol (the shape of the animal can be picked out from the craters and ridges of the surface of the MOON) it also stands as an emblem of the Goddess.

      The triskele is a symbolic representation of the importance of the number 3, and a SUN symbol similar to the SWASTIKA."

         - Adele Nozedar (The Illustrated Signs & Symbols SourceBook, an A to Z Compendium of Over 1000 Designs)

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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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