• I know that it says that the citadel in Camelot houses 12,000 men but with the limitation (only those of noble house may serve as a knight) I'd guess a lot of those where just ordinary soldiers. So, roughly how many of these would have been knights?

    At a glance, I'd figure somewhere between 600 and 1,200 (between a 1:50 and 1:100 ratio).

    Any other ideas on a number are appreciated, thanks :)

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    • Agnicourt had a ratio of 1500 kingihts to 7000 longbowmen. 

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    • I think the troop numbers used in later seasons is more accurate of how many troops Camelot had.  I know in season 5 Camelot is characterized as having hundreds of troops versus Morgana's thousands.  If you look at the realistic portrayl of Camelot in the series there really isn't enough knights and soldiers portrayed to make it believable to have thousands of troops.  If Camelot had 10,000 troops the King would not go out on missions

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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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