• Hey there! I saw you like Lord of the Rings so I was wondering-have you seen the Hobbit?

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    • Hi Morganaforever,

      No, I have not seen the Hobbit yet -- thank you for reminding me.   I live five minutes away from the nearest theater and I've yet to see it.   I will make a point of this -- maybe New Years day.   Have you seen it yet?

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    • I did, I saw it last week! It is a very good movie, perhaps even better than the actual series. Needless to say, Gandalf is the one that makes the movie amazing!

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    • Hi Morganaforever,

      I will have to check out the movie once I do we can talk about it.  Btw, did you happen to notice on your blog that nearly 90% of the fans that responded to your blog did not like the last episode of Merlin. Why do you think that is?

      I like to know your thoughts.


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    • Yes, it's true, most people did not like the last episode! Here is why I think this happened:

      We were told from Colin, Katie and the others that all the questions would be answered in the finale. However, almost none was. We never learnt why Aithusa allied with Morgana. We never learnt why Aithusa is the light of the sun, and why she means good for Albion, since the only thing she ever did was ally with Morgana and help Merlin's greatest enemy. In addition, Kilgharrah and Aithusa disappeared in the finale, and we learnt nothing about what happened to them afterwards. I could go on and on with the plotholes.

      However, there are those who do not care about the plotholes and enjoy the show for their favorite characters. They, too, did not like the finale, because characters with huge fanbase died. Although Morgana and Mordred were on the bad side and their death was necessary in a family show, the death of Arthur and especially Gwaine were really unnecessary!

      Finally, all the destinies were unachieved. Merlin failed bringing Albion, Morgana failed bringing back the old ways, Arthur failed in bringing Albion as well, and the only one who particularly succeeded was Gwen, because she remained the queen. However, without Arthur and an heir, she, too, is bound to fail, along with the other three main characters, and this is really tragic. Merlin became a postman, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen die, with no Albion created. How is this an ending that people would love to see?

      This is why I think people hated the last episode. Unless we see a movie or something, that the characters are reborn to modern era and Albion is indeed created, nothing can redeem this show anymore. What are your thoughts?

      P.S. You can call me Chris :)

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    • Hi Chris,

      I agree totally with what you are saying. There is definitely more story to be told and there's much potential for character development and plot holes to be filled.   I also  think that there was something political with the network and the producers of the show.   There's always an issue with these things especially since they  had decided  to end the show right in middle of the series.  Moreover, there is a great fan base -- like  thousands of viewers of this show.  And from what I can tell, everyone was quite disappointed that the show ended.   Why would they end such a good show with such a large following?  With that being said, I think  as fans we should campaign to bring Merlin back to the screen.   This type of situation has happen with other shows -- the fans out cry was so strong the network brought the shows back.   Also there's always room to bring Merlin to the big screen -- a movie would be just as nice if not better.   Moreover, I think the producers and actors would probably prefer a movie v.  another series.

      I don't know how much time you have in your day to mobilize fans to participate in this endeavor or even if you are willing.   Perhaps start a blog or chat with others that are active  on this site to get something going.  I recently signed a petition on Facebook to give us Series Six.   I am thinking perhaps if someone knows anyone at BBC or the contact information of the producers of this show.  We could all send in letters requesting we would like Merlin to return or stating that it would behoove the writers to give us a movie.   All is not lost -- I think this definitely a win win situation.   The producers are creators and the actors like to act.  Also who runs away from an opportunity to make a great deal of money.   If they take Merlin to the bring screen there's millions to be made.   I had read that Bradley James did not want to do Series six.  I think that could change after a while.   Acting jobs do not grow on trees -- most if not all after 6 months to a years time will want to get back to work.  

      What are your thoughts?  Btw, you can call me Nakisa. ;-)

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    • I agree with what you say, Nakisa. No matter how you see it, it's a win-win situation- besides, we have nothing to lose if we just try, right? :) I myself don't use facebook, but do try to get the message across when I discuss the show with other fans!

      I agree that something political is probably at play here and there are already numerous conspiracy theories. I personally don't know what to believe, but what I care about is to get the show back :) and I intend to fight for it. At least for a proper conclusion, if not a new season and/or movie.

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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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