• Hi <insert name here>, welcome to Merlin Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Talk:Uther Pendragon page.

    If you haven't already, read through the Community page. Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Hello Alfóns,

      I didn't see this message, sorry for the delayed response.

      Thanks for your welcome. I saw some errors regarding the character on the Uther Pendragon page and tried to edit it, but it seems that the edit function is not available for every user. I received the notification that the site is blocked to prevent editing.

      Who can I contact in order to ask that person to correct the errors?

      I have already checked this site (FAQ, Terms of Use etc...) but couldn't find an answer.

      Thank you.

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    • That would be me, you have to be a member for a week to be able to edit all pages. We restrict pages for main characters and elements such as Uther to prevent vandalism. There are only a few pages that are resticted, so you're not locked in a cage. What sections are the errors in?

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    • Hello,

      It's in the early Life section where it says that Nimueh did not forsee whose life will be taken in exchange for Arthur's birth. Nimueh claimed that she didn't but in the last epsiode of Season 1, Merlin said that it wasn't the Old Religion that chose a life but Nimueh herself. Moreover, she seemed to choose a life when Gaius offered his life in order to save Merlin. So it is unknown if Nimueh could choose or knew what life would have been taken when Igraine died. It's hinted that she indeed knew or even chose her herself.

      In the same section it is said that Morgause was sentenced to death by Uther due to her magical powers inherited by her mother Vivienne. It is neither known if Vivienne had magical powers (though it's very likely) nor that Morgause was sentenced to death by Uther. Uther only told Gaius that he thought the child had died but that doesn't necessarily mean that he wanted her dead or that he even knew of her powers (as a baby... it's unlikely to figure magical powers in a newborn baby). It remains to be unknown if Uther had knowledge of Morgause's or Vivienne's magical powers (in case Vivienne had powers), because if he knew, he must have suspected Morgana of having magic too. Those things have never be clarified. Maybe he knew of the magical powers of all three women, maybe he didn't, nobody knows.

      In the Lagacy section it is said that Arthur realised that Uther was far from being a saint. This is just speculation. Arthur never thought that his father was a saint, given that he opposed him many times and often didn't do what he was told to do. There has never been any hint in season four that Arthur had realised anything about his father. It was just bad writing when he confronted Morgana ;-)

      In the Personality section it is said that Igraine's death was the reason for Uther's hatred of magic, which is true. But he also hated magic because of its corruption before Uther came to Calemot, as Gaius stated out to Merlin in season 1.

      In the Morgana section: Uther might have known about Morgana's powers. Unfortunately, it has never been clarified and remains to be unknown.

      In the Morgause section it is said again that Uther wanted Morgause's death when she was a baby which is actually also unknown as described on top.

      In the Ygraine section, we can read that Uther had an affair with Vivienne while being married to Igraine, at least it is implied that way. Morgana is older than Arthur, so chances are that Uther hadn't been married to Igraine at that point of time. In the same section it might be a good idea to add, that despite Igraine saying that Uther sacrificed her, Uther didn't know that Igraine would die. This was evident when he talked to Nimueh in season 1.

      The Vivienne section claims that Uther betrayed Igraine with Vivienne, which is verly unlikely as described above, since Morgana is older than Arthur. And even if, it is unknown and it has also never been said at any time that Uther felt guilty about betraying Igraine and therefore hiding Morgana's true identity. There are multiple possible reasons why he didn't want anyone to know about Morgana being his daughter, probably most of all to not destroy Vivienne's, Gorlois' and his own reputation. Moreover, to avoid a fight for the throne between Arthur and Morgana. Additionally, as we learnt in season 4, adultery was terrible crime. It has never been hinted that Uther either betrayed Igraine or even felt guilt about fathering Morgana.

      And again in the Nimueh section it is said that Nimueh hadn't intended for Igraine to die. She claimed it in "Excalibur", yet Merlin had a different point of view concerning her abilty to choose the one who has to die. So it is unknown if Nimueh had told Uther the truth or not.

      That's all I could find for now.

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    • I'm sorry, but I am not really good at following instuctions involving editing. Here's the deal, I am going to temporarily unrestrict the page so you can submit your changes, but once you do, I am resticting it again.

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    • Okay, I will have time to edit the sections to tomorrow. Thank you.

      It wasn't actually instructions, just a response to your answer in which section the errors are. I'm sorry if it was lost in translation since 'm not a native speaker.

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    • Edit: I hope nobody will be offended when I edit. I know it's not pleasant when someone deletes or corrects what others have written. I will only add as few as possible to not edit too much and to not interfer in other people's work.

      And please ignore the "to" before tomorrow... :-)

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    • Fimber, all you needed to do was paste in your edited version, give us the old version up against your one, and we'd make the changes. No need to complicate things.

      E.g. Can you change "Uther Nimueh foresee blah blah.." to "Uther Nimueh foresee blah blah blah.." as I cannot do it myself. Just for future reference. You don't need to justify why the edit should be made, we will know that, it's our job to know everything.

      Thank you as well for noting we don't have anything in the Community page regarding that, since I made most of the Community I'll make sure I put that in!

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    • Hello Daniel,

      thanks for information. Alas I had and have no idea how to do that. When I try to paste something I get a notification that some browser settings don't allow it, but I don't know what it is.

      I'm absolutely new here and when I tried to edit, I got a notification that the site is blocked (and I understand the reasons for that very well), then I asked the responsible people in the Talk section to correct the errors, then I was asked in what section the errors are, then I wrote in what sections what errors are and then I was told I could make the edit myself, for which I would like to thank you. I was under the impression that an accurate and founded explanation about the errors was required, which was the reason why I wrote so much above :-)

      Either way, I'm the last person who wants to complicate things. I just have no idea how it all works and I didn't know to whom to refer to and what I'm supposed to tell or to do.

      So, since I can't copy and paste for some unknown reason (because of my browser, obviously), shall I edit the sections or better leave it the way it is? Sorry for confusion.

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    • I have unblocked Uther's page, it will stay the same for the remainder of the day, you may edit as you will.

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    • Thank you. I have finished the editing. I hope it is okay the way it is.

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    • I read through it and it's good! I added to the FAQ and referenced this thread.

      You should upload an avatar and add to your user page, let us get to know you some more!

      Thanks for being a part of Merlin Wiki!

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    • Thanks Daniel. Hahaha, I made a mistake. In the Morgause section I accidentally wrote that Uther is Morgana's real "sister" instead of "father". Oh my....

      Anayway, thanks for giving me the chance and for your trust to edit.

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    • Right, well that's been fixed now. Should something like that happen again, just message an active user and ask them to fix it for you, so it can be gone right away. We get people visiting by the hour, don't want any wanderers thinking Uther is Morgana's sister, do we!

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    • By now every page should be enabled for you to edit anyway! Thanks! :)

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    • A Lurker in the Woods
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