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"The last man standing takes the prize. Let the tournament begin."


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Merlin Wiki Arena is over![]

Welcome visitors and editors, this is the Merlin Arena! Each week, two of the most requested characters from the Merlin universe were pit against each other, in a fight that was determined by the votes of both registered users and visitors.


The Merlin Arena is no longer operational and has been retired. The fights here are for a historical purpose: view at your own pleasure! Please DO NOT edit this page or change its format and content. Any user that does so without reason will be blocked.

The Rules that were followed[]

This is a popularity contest. You may vote for your favourite or whom you think would win in a fight between the two combatants that are chosen to fight. Failure to comply with these rules will likely result in a scale from your vote being removed up to being banned from participating in future fights.

  • While justifying your choice, you have to type whom you want to win in bold.
  • Each user votes only once. An anonymous cannot abuse this either, as the vote record is assigned to your IP address.
  • Anonymous users have just as much right to vote as registered users.
  • To vote, check one bubble under the character of your choice, then click the 'Vote!' button. While you are able to select two, doing so will not result in an accurate result and defeat the purpose of the contest.
  • Justifying your choice is essential too, in order to have a clearer result, so please justify your choice below the poll and also type your signature (~~~~)


  • I vote for Cedric! I have faith in him! Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd 00:52, February 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • I believe Cedric would win, if they were  competing on strength alone. Cedric is a theif and would try to trick or fool William in some manner. William on the other hand is a loyal friend and one who fights for what he believes in. He saved Arthur life remember? If someone William loved was at stake, then Cedric wouldn't stand a chance. Though, if William was just competing for fun, Cedric would crush him. Hard decision, but i choose William. :) Good luck to both!
  • William, no doubt about it. He has the heart of a fighter, and is motivated by friendship, love, and loyalty unlike how Cedric is motivated by self-preservation and greed alone.
  • Cedric! He's the guy from pirates of the Caribbean, of course he would win...
  • William! Not only is he Merlin's friend, but despite his hatred for Arthur, he was willing to sacrifice himself for him. That shows that Will has a good heart, underneath all his brashness. Hope he wins.
  • William, he was shown some fighting from arthur and his knights (before he died) and cedric seems to mostly be a spineless thief and a coward. Cedric doesn't seem to have the guts to fight in a duel
  • William!!!! Im glad he is winning so far. His good heart will bring him there, no doubt. :)

The last battle that was decided![]

Albin vs Myror

Sindri vs Devlin

Beroun vs Ragnor

Formerly suggested fights[]

  • Mordred vs Lancelot
  • The knights of Camelot vs Saxons
  • Morgana vs The Dochraid
  • Freya vs Mab
  • Dragoon the great vs The Dolma
  • Morgana vs Arthur
  • Isolde vs Mithian
  • Dochraid vs Jonas
  • Agravaine vs the Troll
  • Gwaine vs Morgana
  • Merlin vs Dragoon
  • Aithusa vs Morgana
  • Cockatrice vs Wilddeoren
  • Aithusa vs Freya
  • Alvarr vs Tristan
  • Arthur vs Aithusa
  • Gorlois vs Uther
  • Gaius vs Tristan De Bois
  • The Questing Beast vs The Dorocha
  • The Dorocha vs The knights of Medhir
  • Valiant vs Agravaine
  • Agravaine vs Halig
  • Morgana vs Tristan
  • Isolde vs Morgana
  • Mithian vs Morgana
  • The Cailleach vs The Dorocha
  • Sophia vs Aulfric
  • Sophia vs Morgana
  • The Vilia vs The Dorocha
  • Arthur vs Agravaine
  • Princess Mithian vs Queen Annis
  • Lancelot vs Helios
  • Arthur vs Uther
  • Lancelot vs Mordred
  • Gwaine vs Mary Collins
  • Sir Cador vs Helios' servant
  • Uther vs Merlin
  • King Bayard vs King Cenred
  • 80 Year Old Merlin vs Gaius
  • Gwaine vs Percival
  • Agravaine vs Gwen
  • Mordred vs Leon
  • Mordred vs Nimueh
  • Goblin vs Troll
  • Freya vs Morgana
  • Merlin vs Mordred (swords and magic powers at the same time)
  • Mordred vs Kilgharrah
  • Nimueh vs Freya
  • Gwaine vs Lancelot
  • Freya vs Mordred
  • Jonas vs Troll
  • Goblin vs Jonas
  • Merlin vs Kilgharrah
  • Nimueh vs Mordred
  • Hengist vs Halig
  • Elyan vs Agravaine
  • Freya vs Sophia
  • Lamia vs Grunhilda
  • Sir Leon vs Agravaine
  • Goblin vs Manticore
  • Lamia vs Questing Beast
  • Dorocha vs Questing Beast
  • Griffin vs Bastet
  • Merlin vs George
  • Uther vs Mordred
  • Agravaine vs Morgana
  • Arthur vs Morgause (rematch)
  • Uther vs Morgause
  • Bayard vs Tristan
  • Arthur vs Gwen
  • Southrons vs Cenred's army
  • Cornelius Sigan vs Morgana
  • Aredian vs Halig
  • Elanthia Beetle vs Balorian Spider
  • Serket vs Bastet
  • Nimueh vs Arthur
  • Gwaine vs Gwen
  • Gwen vs Vivian
  • Wyvern vs Gilli
  • Vivian vs Mithian
  • Elena vs Gwen
  • Merlin vs Morgana (swords and magic powers at the same time)
  • Gwaine vs Arthur
  • Knights of Medhir vs Animated Skeletons
  • "Merlin vs Arthur"
  • Serket vs Wilddeoren
  • Morgana vs Mordred
  • Morgana vs Gaius
  • Elyan vs Lancelot
  • Lancelot vs Arthur
  • King Rodor vs King Uther
  • Cenred vs Uther
  • Catrina vs Gaius
  • The Euchdag vs Freya
  • Morgana vs The Cailleach
  • Gwaine vs Mordred
  • Uther vs Morgana
  • Freya vs Agravaine
  • Gilli vs freya
  • Balinor vs Julius Borden
  • Gaius vs Sidhe Elder
  • Gwen vs Morgana
  • Sefa vs Gwen
  • Ruadan vs The Knights of Camelot
  • Morgana vs Mordered
  • The Knights of the Round Table vs Dragoon the Great
  • Gaius vs The Goblin
  • Arthur vs Lancelot
  • Arthur vs Elyan
  • Queen Mab vs Merlin
  • Merlin vs Albin
  • Sarrum vs Merlin
  • Ruadan vs Arthur
  • Arthur vs Helios
  • Merlin vs Morgana
  • Elyan vs Morgana
  • Gwaine vs Lamia
  • Leon vs Lamia
  • Lamia vs Gwen
  • Mordred vs The Disir
  • Aithusa vs The Great Dragon
  • Dragoon the Great vs The Dochraid
  • The Dolma vs Merlin
  • Gwen vs Arthur
  • Gaius vs The Dochraid
  • Morgana vs the Dolma 
  • Aithusa vs Kilgharrah
  • Kara vs Eira
  • Kara vs Mordred
  • Mordred vs Merlin
  • Aithusa vs Sarrum
  • Albin vs Daegal
  • Sefa vs Daegal
  • Sefa vs Eira
  • Merlin vs Elyan
  • The Dark Tower vs The Knights of Camelot
  • Morgana vs Beroun
  • Alator vs Aithusa
  • Mordred vs Aithusa
  • Beroun vs Mordred
  • Mithian vs Odin
  • The Gleeman vs Lamia
  • Lamia vs Mithian
  • Rodor vs Gwaine
  • Gwaine vs The Dark Tower
  • Eira vs Gwaine
  • Guinevere vs Eira
  • Sefa vs Ruadan
  • Euchdag vs Morgana




A ladder has been logged from the Results of the previous fights.