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“Let loose the hounds of war. Let the dread fire of the last priestess reign down from angry skies. For brother will slaughter brother. For friend will murder friend. As the great horn sounds, a cold dawn at Camlann. The prophets do not lie. There Arthur will meet his end, upon that mighty plain.”
Gaius reading Finna's delivered phophecy.

The Kindness of Strangers[1][2][3] the tenth episode of the fifth series of Merlin.


Morgana leads a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of her old foe, Alator of the Cathafor she knows without a doubt that he can tell her exactly where to find Emrys. Merlin’s life has never been in more danger, so when the mysterious Finna offers to help him, is he right to trust her? Or will he find himself cornered with nowhere to run?[4][5]


The episode opens with a vicious attack happening in a villaage  Morgana oversees the destruction Alator of the Catha is brought before her on his knees and she demands he tell her who Emrys is. Later on Merlin goes to check on Arthur who tells him to bring breakfast for Gwen as Arthur wants to suprise her. As Merlin is collecting flowers  a woman appears and she tells him she has been told to warn him about the great battle. They are interrupted and Merlin promises to seek her out but she also gives him a brooch. Merlin brings Gaius the brooch he found in the woods. The physician states that it was forged in Helva but other than that he knows nothing about it

Gaius warns Merlin against going to the wood however Merlin goes regardless and  finds pieces of torn paper and brings them to Gaius who is sure are written in the Catha language as in Alator their enemy turned ally. Gaius correctly assumes that Morgana has captured Alotor to get him to reveal Emrys' true name to her.

Merlin return to Arthurs bedroom and gives him the breakfast still troubled however refugees flood into Camelot from one of the few places where magic is still used victims of Morgana vicious attack. Merlin confides in Gaius  and tells him Alator would never betray him and also tells him about about Finna and goes to meet her however Gaius suspects Finna of siding with Morgana and alerts Arthur who sends out his knights to capture Finna.

Against Gaius' advice, Merlin goes, and finds she is a follower of Alator's, and her name is Finna. Requesting he meet her again when Mordred leads the Knights into the temple, she runs off into the woods. 

Meanwhile Morgana is having Alator beaten by one of her minons however Alator remarks he has been trained to cope with physical torture which leads  Morgana to use evil magic in and attempt to get the truth by using  the Nathair but he still refuses to talk.

Alator received a letter from Finna telling him that all was well and she had found Emrys. And Morgana has her gaurds bring Alator to her again. Once again, she tries to get the information from him. However, he refuses, and claims that if Morgana killed him, he'd go to paradise happy in the knowledge that Morgana would have failed. Unfortunately at the time, Morgana's gaurds discovered the letter from Finna. After telling Alator she would 'find Finna and break her like a twig' and 'enjoy your other world' she snaps his neck using magic.

Meanwhile Morgana is searching for Finna in the woods at the same time as Merlin. Merlin reaches her first and they talk, before being attacked by 3 of Morgana's army. Merlin is wounded, but they manage to escape to an old watch tower, where Finna completes her request and delivers Arthurs destiny to Merlin.

She warns Merlin not to trust Mordered  and asks that he leave her his sword, before telling him to go to the roof, for it is her that Morgana wants. As Morgana arrives, she confronts Finna and asks for Emrys' identity, but Finna uses Merlins sword to stab herself, dying almost immediately from her wounds, leaving Morgana frustrated as she has no other way to find Emrys.

Morgana then orders her men to burn Finna's body and leaves, meanwhile as Merlin is dying from his wound but Kilgharrah  appears from no where and flies him to safety and heals him. As Merlin wakes he thanks Kilgharrah for his help however also notices Kilgharrah has a wound on his wing and asks him what has happened. Kilgharrah remarks his time has come and reveals he is dying Merlin is shocked by this and asks Kilgharrah if he will see him again however Kilgharrah remarks when Merlin needs him he will be there for him and flies away.

Merlin later on confides in Gaius and has him read the parchment Finna gave him which says that on the Great Plain of Camlann Arthur will meet his end. Merlin is worried and shocked as he has found out where Arthur shall die by Mordred's hand, just then, a Knight bursts in and brings in a fellow, dead Knight whose face is covered in excess skin and Gaius identifies this as ragaid a very gruesome type of magic and says Morgana  has declared war on Camelot.


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Merlin 510 Trailer "The Kindness of Strangers" Series 5 Episode 10-0

Merlin 510 Trailer "The Kindness of Strangers" Series 5 Episode 10-0

Trailer "The Kindness of Strangers"

Alator is captured - Merlin - Series 5 Episode 10 - BBC One

Alator is captured - Merlin - Series 5 Episode 10 - BBC One

Alator is captured


  • This marks Alator's second appearance in the show, the last being The Secret Sharer and also his death.
  • Kilgharrah reappeared in this episode after his last appearance in The Disir and told Merlin that he was dying.


The Kindness of Strangers December 8, 2012 - 8.00pm BBC One 

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