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The great seas of Meredor
The Great Seas of Meredor
Location: Camelot
Type: Sea
Appearances: The Labyrinth of Gedref
The Castle of Fyrien
-Where are you headed?"
"-To the Seas of Meredor...
Leon and Morgana[src]
The Great Seas of Meredor are located to the south-west of Camelot, near the Labyrinth of Gedref. On its shores lies the Castle of Fyrien and located to the north-east of it there's the Isle of the Blessed. When Sir Leon asked Morgana where she was heading, she answered the Seas of Meredor, because she was heading to the Isle of the Blessed (The Darkest Hour).

Arthur finds Merlin held captive on the beach by Anhora. Arthur demanded that Anhora let Merlin go but the man refused, stating that Merlin was part of a test for Arthur (The Labyrinth of Gedref).

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