Mary Collins uses a teleportation spell

Mary Collins uses a teleportation spell.

Teleportation spell is a form of magic that instantaneously transports an individual or an object from one location to another.

History Edit

Mary Collins used such a spell to evade arrest after swearing revenge on Uther and Arthur Pendragon following the execution of her own son, Thomas Collins. She used an amber amulet as the source of magical energy necessary to accomplish the spell (The Dragon's Call).

It's possible that Nimueh used a teleportation spell in two different occasions: non-verbally to send an egg with the Afanc through her scrying fount to the water vaults of Camelot (The Mark of Nimeuh). She then used this spell to appear and disappear in the castle when she talked to Uther (Excalibur). 

Anhora, the Keeper of the Unicorns, could vanish and reappear at another destination at will by performing a non-verbal teleportation spell (The Labyrinth of Gedref).

It's possible that Morgause cast this kind of spell to send Morgana a note. The Lady found the little piece of parchment in a small box at her window. In the original script, a hawk was supposed to deliver the letter but this was never shown so it led the audience to believe it was Morgause's magic that had sent the message The Fires of Idirsholas.

Morgana opens the magically delivered box.

Morgause later used a teleportation spell to transport herself and Morgana away from Camelot after a failed invasion of the Castle. The spell she used was: "Bedyrne ús! Astýre ús þanonweard!" (The Fires of Idirsholas).
Morgause's Teleportation spell

Morgause takes Morgana away with a teleportation spell.

Grettir, the keeper of the bridge to the Perilous Lands, may have used a form of teleportation spell to disappear after he had talked to Arthur and then to reappear when Merlin arrived (The Eye of the Phoenix).

When Merlin gave the Fisher King a Phoenix Eye so that he could finally die, the ancient king was surrounded by a whirlwind with his robes flying around in the air in rags, just like if he had chanted a teleportation spell (The Eye of the Phoenix).

The spells cast by both Merlin and Alice on the witch's portal to summon the
Merlin309 2405

The manticore is summoned with a teleportation spell.

manticore from the Spirit world ("Gebiede ic þone feorhberend þære ealdaþ æ" and "Cume her, pin scinnlæcan") may be types of teleportation spells (Love in the Time of Dragons).

It is very likely that right at the end of Arthur's rebellion of Camelot Morgana cast this spell to escape from Camelot with her almost lifeless sister (The Coming of Arthur: Part Two).

After Morgana was hit by Merlin's stunning spell and apparently knocked out, with the stone ceiling falling over her, she disappeared into thin air. She was later stumbled into the woods, where she was healed by the young dragon, Aithusa. Due to her vastly increased powers at this point, it is likely that this was a teleportation spell. (The Sword in the Stone: Part Two).

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