Also Known As: Unknown
Biographical Information
Race: Warlock
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Morgana Pendragon (formerly)
Tom (formerly) †
Enemies: Uther Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon
Morgana Pendragon
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Cal Macaninch
List of Appearances: To Kill the King
The leader of a band of renegade sorcerers sworn to bring down the King.
Arthur on Tauren[src]
Tauren was the leader of a renegade faction of sorcerers sworn to end Uther's reign. Tauren was a warrior and warlock wielding a sword and clad in chain mail and black robes; he also possesses the Mage Stone, which has the power of transmutation. With this he performs what alchemists dream of, making gold. Like many sorcerers he wanted to kill Uther.


When Tauren first appears, he is using Tom's forge where he is seen turning lead to gold and promises Tom rewards; though Tom objects to using magic. Arthur discovers the situation and arrests Tom while Tauren escapes. Tom attempting to escape is killed leaving Gwen without a father and Morgana furious with Uther.

However this is not the last we see of Tauren, as he accidentally left the Mage Stone at the forge when escaping. The stone's magic is strong enough to disturb Merlin. Tauren wants to meet Gwen to get it back but Morgana poses as her handmaiden and returns the stone to Tauren, agreeing to help him kill Uther in her fury over Tom's death and her imprisonment.

Morgana leads Uther into an ambush but Merlin uses the magic of the Sidhe staff. Tauren uses the mage stone to reflect Merlin's killing magic at him, but Merlin seems to have a natural resistance to magic and although it knocks him out he does not die. Regretting her decision, Morgana saves Uther and kills Tauren (To Kill the King).


Despite being malevolent and dangerous, and though he was a sorcerer, Tauren did not appear to be a bad person expressing regret at the death of Guinevere's father Tom. He treated Morgana politely, calling her "My Lady" and even though he threatened to kill her when they first met he agreed to allow her to help him bring down Uther. Tauren was initially suspicious of Morgana and unsure if she would remain loyal to him. His doubts about her loyalty turned out to be correct though Morgana gave him no time to save himself when she killed him.


Tauren vs Merlin

On his duel with Merlin

Tauren was not a natural sorcerer. The magical powers he possessed were sourced from the Mage Stone. With the Mage Stone, he was nevertheless extremely powerful magically, able to fend off the blows from Merlin's Sidhe Staff and ultimately knock him back instead. However, in battle against none magical opponents, he mainly fought with his curved sword. With it, he nearly defeated Uther, and he would have done so if Morgana didn't backstab Tauren. Being a sworn enemy of Camelot, it is assumed that he was involved in various other skirmishes with the Knights of Camelot and possibly even Uther and Arthur themselves.


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